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Binovi is a software-based, optometrist-lead technology solution designed to get better results, faster.

What is Binovi?

Utilising in-office and home-based activity protocols, the innovative Binovi platform helps optometric practices gain greater results, faster, with improved patient satisfaction in areas ranging from sports performance to binocular vision abnormalities.

Who We Help



Optometrist-lead vision therapy for patients suffering from developmental issues or recovering from injury.


Optometry Professionals

Practicing optometrists and vision therapists working in development, rehabilitation, and healthy aging.



Optometry-backed tools to help improve sports vision performance indicators like reaction time and hand-eye coordination.

What people are saying

  • I have been so excited about the roll out of the Binovi platform. I believe this will make home therapy far more effective and allow the doctor and staff to more easily modify programs on the fly. In addition, I believe this platform will be outstanding for those of us who work with sports teams and rehabilitation centers to set up and carry our therapy plans in a consistent and ultimately more successful manner. Now add in the Binovi saccadic fixator—and you can begin to see the ultimate vision for this product.

  • The videos offered a great way to ensure I completed the exercises correctly with my son. I can start and stop the app session when we complete our daily exercises in multiple sessions.

  • The Binovi platform has really made a difference with our visio n therapy program. It gives us the ability to spend more time with our patients in office sessio ns, organizes our sessions with provided materials (Binovi Kit) and gives us a better connection with home therapy and helps us monitor our patients as they complete their home sessions. It’s brings vision therapy into the digital age and I’d recommend it to any practice.

About Us

Our goal is to deliver the market’s most advanced solutions, supported by recognized optometry leaders, to help vision therapy teams treat their patients and to help trainers improve athletic performance. Binovi was created to enhance the ways in which optometrists work with their patients to improve their vision and vision-related skills.


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