Who is Binovi?

We are a dedicated team working together to create a comprehensive software-based solution. Our goal is to help our clients gain measurable results in less time, and with less effort.

Our Mission and Vision

Keep your eyes on the stars and your feet on the ground

- Theodore Roosevelt


We are a dedicated team that provides comprehensive software-based solutions. Working together, we help clients get measurable results in less time, and with greater efficiency.


We are at the leading edge of a new wave, leading the charge in vision therapy and sports vision through innovative technical solutions and valuable content, supported by recognized leaders in the profession.

Why was Binovi Founded?

1 in 4 people worldwide live with issues related to their vision that go beyond visual acuity. Despite this, ophthalmic treatment primarily focuses on visual acuity issues and disease management, leaving many visual performance issues undiagnosed or mistreated. Binovi was founded to bring attention to these issues, and to help those treating them by providing the tools necessary to bring treatment into the 21st century. A broader vision is vital in how we view the world around us, and we are focused on the importance of developing, protecting, and perfecting that vision.

Have a question that wasn't answered?

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