Babe Ruth League Players Gain Access to Online Version of Binovi Touch

June 23, 2021

Leveling up game-time skills with proven neuro-visual technology

[Toronto, New York] Binovi Technologies Corp. (Binovi) (TSX-V:VISN | OTCQB:BNVIF) is pleased to introduce Binovi Touch to the more than 800,000 Babe Ruth League families across 3,000 leagues, led by approximately 3,500 coaches across the country, through a web-based version of the product. This online version emulates several of the featured protocols available within the physical Binovi Touch hardware, designed to improve vision and cognitive performance among athletes, organizers, coaches, and umpires. Binovi is recognized as the official vision training partner for Babe Ruth League.


“It has been because of great partners like Binovi that Babe Ruth League can provide our players and communities with enhanced baseball and softball experiences. Binovi continues to offer our players and leagues cutting-edge training equipment and resources that will make their youth sports experiences unequivocally better and we are excited to share these opportunities with the Babe Ruth League community.”

Rob Connor, Vice President of Operations at Babe Ruth League.

Earlier this month the Company provided details around the next generation of Binovi Touch, Binovi Touch Elite. Binovi Touch Elite makes Binovi’s hardware even easier to work with: benefiting from a complete physical redesign, Elite is lighter, smaller, and has a new, flexible wall mount. Despite a reduction in size, which makes the new device portable —a very important feature customers had been asking for— Elite provides the same level of software performance as the legacy Binovi Touch.

The Company continues to progress on other product developments, including balance boards, new screen-based functionality, and web-based applications.


“With our technology in hand, Babe Ruth League members will be able to really measure themselves, not only against each other but also against established norms. A revolution in technology in sports technology is coming, and we’re proud to be at the forefront of that with Babe Ruth League to help get the latest solutions into the hands of the younger generations. By having an online version of our solution, which resonates well with our audience, we are able to significantly increase our market reach. We’re excited to see what’s in store for the Babe Ruth League family.”

Tania Archer, Interim COO.

To try Binovi Touch virtually now, please visit

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Early-Bird Promotion: Binovi Touch Elite is currently available for preorder from the company’s eCommerce site ( for a special introductory price of $4,595 for a single unit, or as part of a Buy One, Get One 50% Off promotion at a cost of $6,892 for two devices, when purchased using promo code ELITE-EB2021. This promotion expires Thursday July 15, 2021 at 5:00pm EDT. Conditions apply.

Pre-order your Binovi Touch Elite now through


About Babe Ruth League, Inc.

Babe Ruth League, Inc., a non-profit, educational organization, named after one of the greatest baseball players of all time – George Herman “Babe” Ruth – has come a long way since its modest start over 70 years ago. The Babe Ruth League, Inc. programs above all, are of, by and for youth. Its mission is to make better citizens through proper supervision of regulation competitive baseball and softball in addition to promoting mental and physical development. In adopting rules, in establishing standards and in all planning, the primary consideration is what is best for the participants. For more information, please visit


About Binovi Touch

A purposeful and powerful tool for vision therapy and vision training, Binovi Touch is the result of over 30 years of experience in over 20 countries around the world on children, athletes, and seniors resolving issues from development, to performance, to rehabilitation. Building on that experience, Binovi Touch combines the fundamental qualities of the original Wayne Engineering Saccadic Fixator with innovation in almost every dimension. Using new materials and components to truly evolve an already dependable and versatile tool for the 21st century, Binovi Touch ensures both you and your athletes can get the most out of our modernized activities. Binovi Touch is controlled through the Binovi Touch app, connecting, and communicating wirelessly to provide real-time results. The new Binovi Touch app also includes a number of integrated tools and compatibility with many 3rd-party accessories. Training key vision skills like reaction time, peripheral vision, and hand-eye coordination is easier and more effective than ever with rich data and actionable results that drive insights and performance.

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