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Functional Syntonic Optometry

Introducing Functional Syntonic Optometry

It is our goal to help you better familiarize yourself with what Functional Syntonic Optometry is and how light affects vision development. The purpose of this eBook is to give a brief outline on how to use Syntonic Optometry within an optometric practice, and provide an introductorion to Syntonics.

Incorporating Functional Syntonic Optometry (FSO) into optometric therapy programs has demonstrated it to be an integral tool that manifests as a faster and more efficient way to improve the visual performance and quality of life of patients. Functional Syntonic Optometry is light application that is noninvasive and quick acting; it brings an energetic balance to improve visual function, and stimulates the body to a higher state of order and has a more systemic effect on the whole body.

This latest book covers Stefan Collier’s latest and newly developed FSO techniques, SYntonac, and Binovi innovations for implementing FSO in a beneficial way. These tutorials should serve their purpose in guiding practitioners on how and where to start and where to go above and beyond, when and where appropriate.

What is Functional Syntonic Optometry?

Functional Syntonic Optometry is the application of light in a non-invasive, quick-acting way to bring an energetic balance designed to improve visual function and stimulate the body to a higher state of order. Syntonics is based on scientific principles using specific bands of low power light through the eyes. FSO has been used clinically for over 80 years in the field of optometry, with continued success in the treatment of visual and cognitive dysfunctions.

In Functional Syntonic Optometry, the focus is not on the visual or perceptual aspects of colour, but in the unique energetic and physical effects that selected electromagnetic frequencies have on biological states and actions.


Stefan Collier is one of the leading minds in his field, having completed research in the subject going back 25 years. His previous work with Binovi Touch Saccadic Fixator and other Wayne Engineering Products dates back over 30 years. He has worked with professional sports for many decades, including world class athletes at the international level in tennis, and Formula 1 racing teams.

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