Patti Andrich MA, OTR/L, COVT , INPP

Binovi Academy – Primitive Reflexes: Module 1

Why Primitive Reflexes?

The building blocks for developing oculomotor, visual perceptual, and visual-motor integration skills are established during the first year of life when our neural pathways are formed between our eyes, our brain, and our body – these are our primitive reflexes. The primitive reflex system is the basis for sensory, motor, and cognitive development. Skills such as sensing, perceiving, listening, talking, riding a bike, reading, writing, catching a ball and maintaining balance are all dependent on a well-integrated reflex system.

Patti Andrich is an occupational therapist and COVT known for her success in treating individuals with difficulties in visual-motor, visual-perceptual, auditory perception and vestibular functioning, in joint practice with her husband, Alex Andrich, OD, FCOVD. Her eBook, Primitive Reflexes Module 1, will go into detail on how primitive reflex integration and postural control development can improve vision skills. It also includes a set of exclusive primitive activities that will be added to your Binovi library once you get the ebook.

Learn more about how primitive reflex integration and postural control development can improve a person’s vision skills. To access Patti’s eBook and other educational content, log into your Binovi Admin


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