Binovi Announces CAVT-VERA-Binovi Connect Integration

May 13, 2021

Unique Binovi Platform Provides Integrated Resource to Help K-12 Students Improve Reading Skills

TORONTO, ON and NEW YORK, NY / ACCESSWIRE / May 13, 2021 / Binovi Technologies Corp., (Binovi) (TSXV:VISN)(OTCQB:BNVIF) today provided an update in regards to the integration of Samurai CAVT, which the company acquired recently, with its VERA screening solution and the Company’s Binovi-Connect technology platform.

Once integrated into the Binovi platform, Connect, VERA & CAVT will provide an ecosystem delivering screening and facilitating remediation. This will align the needs of the Binovi platform users, enabling educators to collaborate with optometrists on resources to provide desired outcomes for K-12 students.

Integrating VERA and CAVT to Binovi Connect and the broader Binovi Platform

Learning to read requires distinct visual skills connected to an entire spectrum of brain functions. Activities involving balancing exercises, hand-eye coordination, or following movement with both eyes all create connections in the brain that are used in reading. A number of common symptoms indicate that a vision problem may be interfering with a student’s ability to read, the 5 most common of which are:

  1. Skipping or re-reading lines
  2. Poor reading comprehension
  3. Takes much longer to do homework
  4. Reversing letters like “b” into “d” when reading
  5. A short attention span with reading and schoolwork

Through its technology offering, Binovi is able to help identify where students might be behind with respect to these key vision skills, refer those students to vision care specialists, and provide the tools needed for those vision care specialists to affect meaningful change for them. Through the acquisitions of VERA and CAVT, Binovi has greatly expanded the toolbox available, not only to vision care specialists once students arrive at their practice, but also to front-line educators to help identify students with these issues in the first place.

Visual Efficiency RAting – VERA

VERA™ is a two-part vision screening program designed for school health, occupational therapy, and special education settings. The program identifies students with common vision difficulties, generates referral letters to optometrists and parents, and creates demographic reports for school nurses and administration. Through these reports, VERA identifies vision issues and promotes timely vision care.

VERA’s unique “visual efficiency” screening component allows occupational therapists and special educators to rate focusing, eye-teaming, and eye tracking abilities which are crucial to attentive reading and learning. Strategies are also provided to support these identified students. VERA has been patented and program components have been tested on over a million students, with studies published in the optometric literature.

Computer Aided Vision Therapy – CAVT

Computer Aided Vision Therapy (CAVT) is an extensive software package for developing eye tracking skills, visual thinking & processing skills, and binocular vision skills. The CAVT suite consists of four primary modules: Track & Read, Visual Information Processing Skills (VIPS), Visual Thinking, and Computer Vergences. These modules include activities and exercises to be completed by patients using a computer, originally in an optometrist/vision therapy office setting, and later at home with data being reported manually to the patient’s care team. CAVT has been a mainstay of Bernell Corporation offerings, which also distributes Binovi Touch, Binovi Pro & Coach, and Binovi Kit materials.

Through Binovi testing, K-3 educators will be able to identify all their students easily and quickly for reading-impacting vision issues that might otherwise go unnoticed or misdiagnosed. The reports generated by these testing protocols would then trigger referrals to vision care specialists -such as behavioral and developmental optometrists and their vision therapists – who, in turn, use HIPAA-compliant Binovi software (such as integrated CAVT tests and training activities) to help treat the underlying issues.

Benefits to Students

Our aim is to benefit those suffering from reading issues as a result of underlying vision issues related to key vision skills. Studies have shown that reading at grade level by grade 3 is the highest predictor for high school completion; 90% of teenagers who do not graduate experienced reading difficulties in grade 3. Not completing high school correlates strongly with higher levels of incarceration, lower levels of employment, and health related issues down the road, and it was found that increasing the number of high school graduates in Canada by as little as 1% would save $7.7 billion on an annual basis. Nearly 80% of children with reading-based learning disabilities meet the criteria for having accommodative-convergence problems: early intervention means earlier remediation.

Vision extends well beyond the realm of eyesight and is a fundamental component of cognition. Educators assume that each child enters the educational system with adequate visual abilities, but too often that is not the case. These new additions ensure that Binovi is poised to help level the playing field among students by raising the performance floor with respect to vision skills and, by extension, reading skills.

Management Commentary

“With the acquisition of CAVT completed, we are now going full steam ahead with the integration of this unique product into our education-focused technology platform to deliver an unsurpassed solution to educators, visual therapists, and students. The adaptability of the Binovi platform ensures integration will be seamless and completed in time for the study Dr. Stoddard will be commencing with an Edmonton education board, starting September 2021.”

Sam Mithani PhD, CTO

“The impact of Big Tech in classrooms has never been more prevalent, with Amazon (AMZN), Apple (APPL), Google (GOOGL), and Microsoft (MSFT) pouring millions into K-12, both commercially and through philanthropic initiatives. Ultimately, this paves the way for providers, such as Binovi, to reach and support the individual needs of students. It is through these pathways that Binovi plans proactively to address K-3 reader readiness. Together, VERA, CAVT, and the Binovi Platform will help identify those in need of visual therapy, help direct them towards the vision care they need, while providing specialists with the tools to best diagnose, treat, train, and track their clients throughout their journey to better vision and reading. This is a field that we believe is ripe for disruption, and through our end-to-end platform, we are on pole position to capitalize on this opportunity. At the same time, we will be helping to further a Noble and Global cause to make an incredibly important positive impact on the lives of many,”

Adam Cegielski, CEO
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