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Depth Perception

Depth perception is essential when throwing and catching, but it is also crucial for batters to recognize the spin of the ball coming out of the pitcher’s hand. Depth perception also helps pitchers to locate their pitches better.

Eye-Hand Coordination

Ensuring the body and eyes are working together to accurately react to the play is crucial for both batters and fielders regardless of the action being performed.

Reaction Time

This is the amount of time that it takes to process the visual information, make a decision and initiate a physical response. It’s the filler between the ‘read and react’ in every dynamic pursuit. Increasing the speed of decision-making and the consequent initiation of a player’s physical movements will make their responses faster and more effective.

Anticipation Timing

The visual system provides the information needed in order to judge when to act. The ability to anticipate the exact moment to swing may be directly linked to eye alignment and depth perception as much as a player’s skill at swinging the bat.