Binovi Connect Set to Disrupt Visual Healthcare Across a Wide Range of Applications

May 19, 2021

[Toronto, New York] Binovi Technologies Corp., (Binovi) (TSX-V:VISN | OTCQB:BNVIF), a leader in neuro-visual technology for cognitive skills, is pleased to announce that Binovi Connect is set to dramatically increase access to optometry professionals, streamline the vision therapy and training experience, and empower individuals through personalized insights and action plans to enhance and optimize their visual skills related to cognitive performance.

Binovi Connect

The Binovi Platform assesses, measures, analyzes, and improves cognitive performance through optometrically-driven activities that promote visual engagement and affect overall performance, including learning deficiencies. Binovi provides measurable results in less time, and with less effort than other offerings on the market currently. The platform is comprised of a variety of software and hardware support solutions working alongside data insights and expert knowledge.

The immersive and user-friendly platform connects and integrates best-in-class technologies to rapidly produce gains in vision related performance, including learning, cognition, and athletic performance. Binovi users, whether they fall into the category of athletes, patients, or everyday consumers, will be able to experience proactive vision training protocols, now under development, within the app — facilitated by an initial baseline assessment conducted remotely by an optometrist.

Binovi has positioned itself to work with the top global vision therapy providers to extend the company’s user network. Binovi Connect is being developed to ensure applicability across a wide range of industries collaborating with optometry. As new integrations, modules, sensors, and functionalities are added to the platform, Binovi Technologies will continue to expand the market opportunity for Binovi Connect.

Management Commentary

“In today’s era of highly connected, instantaneously accessible technology platforms, consumers expect technology-driven solutions to improve their lives, and the healthcare arena is no exception. Consumers also increasingly are taking ownership of their health. It is therefore vital that providers engage with customers through platforms that are intuitive to use, provide easy access, and that provide the resources for them to make informed decisions about their care. Binovi Connect is the ideal platform to achieve that goal, through a consumer-friendly app that offers remote care resources.”

Adam Cegielski, CEO

“Our efforts in developing Binovi have led to a significant enhancement of the model, level, and convenience of care for our clients. Binovi Connect builds on this platform, expanding its applicability and setting agnostic accessibility, enabling Binovi to expand its addressable market significantly into new application areas. We expect Binovi Connect to disrupt existing models of care, potentially engender new ones, as well as improve reach and availability for behavioral vision specialists to enhance positive outcomes.”

Sam Mithani PhD, CTO
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