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Binovi Connect is a web-based video conferencing solution that connects consumers to vision care professionals focused on concussion, reading skills, athletic enhancement, and more.

This new pillar of the Binovi Platform allows users to browse from a list of Binovi Providers, schedule appointments, conduct screening, trigger screen-based data capture remotely, and carry out specialist-guided therapy activities, regardless of geography or time-zone. Binovi Connect’s goal is to link knowledgeable vision care providers with patients, broadening the reach of practitioners and improving accessibility for patients.

Binovi Connect is for...

Vision Care

Vision therapists and optometrists using Binovi Pro are able to stay on track as a vision care team and ensure that each patient has their test and treatment results properly catalogued and organized so that decisions can be made quickly and accurately.

  • Behavioural Optometry
  • Vision Therapy
  • Rehabilitative Care
  • Geriatric Care


Sports vision trainers now have at their disposal an ideal set of tools to test, train, and track performance. When thousandths of a second, or fractions of an inch, are what separate the best from the rest, having accurate and comprehensive data is key.

  • Team Sports
  • Sports Medicine
  • Military
  • eSports
  • Executive Development


Determining whether someone needs vision therapy, or could benefit from vision training, can start early. Our goal is to get Binovi devices and testing/ diagnostic tools available to schools and educators to get to the bottom of issues common with school-age children.

  • Reading Comprehension
  • Learning Differences
  • ADHD/Spectrum Disorders

Vision Care


Leading industry players are increasingly focusing on pursuing inorganic growth strategies to expand their presence, enhance product portfolios, and improve expertise in the global vision care market.

Global Sports Market


The last major —and biggest— opportunity for athletic improvement lies in maximizing the athlete’s brain and how it affects their athletic performance.

Education Technology


Education technology is becoming a global phenomenon, and as distribution and platforms scale internationally, the market is projected to grow at 11% per annum, to $341B by 2025.

How it works

Providing the ultimate in flexibility for both providers and users, Binovi Connect allows users to browse through the entire Binovi provider network, selecting providers that meet their medical needs, performance goals, personal preferences, and budget and scheduling an initial assessment that works with their schedule.

Providers can conduct screening activities, trigger screen-based data capture exercises, and carry out specialist-guided therapy or training activities with patients through Binovi’s secure video-conferencing technology.

For Providers

Easy Set up

Medical practitioners, athletic trainers, and specialty services can set up virtual shop on the Binovi Platform for free and work together to combine forces to offer an ideal package of speciality vision-related services to clients of all kinds.

Do it all

Using Binovi Connect, Binovi Providers will be able to do anything from virtual assessments, to vision screening and testing, to collecting testing data and providing therapy, all remotely through built-in secure video conferencing.

Safety + Growth

Keep your team —and your patients— safe in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic and beyond, while growing your business to not only a larger local area, but to clients further afield who might not otherwise have access to vision training and treatment services!

For Users

One Stop Shop

Cover all your vision care and neurovision performance bases in a single place, with a single account, from the comfort of home!

Personalized Everything

Pick and choose a provider based on your needs, goals, budget, and more! Work with the best of the best, regardless of where they are in the world!

Ownership and Empowerment

Own your own data and work through therapy and training at your pace, based on your needs, with constant access to in-depth data reporting and results, empowering you to continue progressing.

Binovi Benefits

For Providers

  • Set your own schedule and manage your practice in one place
  • Expand your client base by reaching out to new clients
  • Binovi Pro and Binovi Coach integration and compatibility
  • Access to Binovi Academy eLearning content
  • Conduct assessments, data capture activities, and therapy / training exercises remotely
  • Offer one-on-one or group sessions to reach even more people!
  • Collaborate with other specialists to provide the best testing, training, and treatment possible
  • Capture and review diagnostic, training, and milestone data on each user

For Users

  • Easily schedule your vision training and vision therapy to fit your schedule
  • Get vision care and training from the comfort of home
  • Save time —and money— with an array of options from different providers
  • Get the best possible care from collaborating specialists all in one place
  • Work with world-renowned experts in their field, regardless of location or timezone
  • Learn about the various aspects of your visual system with eLearning options
  • Meet face-to-face without the need for travel
  • Be in control of your vision performance, from start to finish

People over 65 in the United States

Active Sports Participants in the USA

Concussion-related injuries in the USA

K-12 students in Canada / US; 20% have a binocular vision issue

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