Binovi Expands Product Catalogue with Bernell Corporation to Fulfill Increased Demand of Offerings

June 29, 2021

Bernell provides the largest assortment of Vision Training, Enhancement, and Rehabilitation products globally.

[Toronto, New York] Binovi Technologies Corp., (Binovi) (TSX-V:VISN | OTCQB:BNVIF) a leader in neuro-visual cognitive technology, is pleased to announce the expansion of its preferred reseller and distribution relationship with Bernell through the expansion of its product offerings geared towards the behavioral optometry and vision training industries.


“We’re very pleased with the partnership we’ve had with the team at Bernell and are excited to continue working with them to promote and distribute Binovi products. The feedback they’ve collected from their clients with respect to both Binovi Touch and Binovi Kit has been very valuable in the incremental changes made to both products. We look forward to working with Bernell for the foreseeable future.”

Adam Cegielski, Binovi Founder + CEO.

Bernell will continue to be the authorized distributor for Binovi Touch in the United States, as well as the exclusive North America distributor of Binovi Kit, but will also be the exclusive distributor for the recently acquired Computer Aided Vision Therapy (CAVT) product. In addition, Binovi Kit will be undergoing significant packaging changes resulting from feedback from customers aimed at reducing the size of Binovi Kit and improving the re-useability and durability of the product.


“Binovi Kit has been a tremendous success because they provide value to both our Optometry customer base as well as the patients they serve. In conjunction with Binovi Pro and the Binovi Platform, the Binovi Kit has become a preferred solution for many practices across North America. In addition, we look forward to continuing to promote and distribute the growing array of exciting technology offerings from Binovi.”

Chris Andrews, Bernell President.

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About Bernell Corporation

The Bernell Corporation was founded by Dr. Bernard Vodnoy and his wife Nellie in 1954. The company has evolved to provide over 2,000 ophthalmic products. Bernell is proud to offer the largest assortment of Vision Training, Enhancement, and Rehabilitation products in the world. In 2012, Bernell was presented with the distinguished Industry Appreciation Award by the American Optometric Association for their work and contributions to the field of Sports Vision. Bernell sells over 2,000 ophthalmic products to optometrists, ophthalmologists, occupational therapists, schools, and government around the world. Bernell distributes a wide range of products to meet the primary care and vision testing needs of its customers, as well as the largest line of vision therapy, visual rehabilitation, and behavioral optometry products in the world.

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