Binovi Focused on K-3 Reader Readiness

June 2, 2021

[Toronto, New York] Binovi Technologies Corp., (Binovi) (TSX-V:VISN | OTCQB:BNVIF) today provided an update with respect to the Company’s efforts in bringing optometrist-led vision screening software and services to the education sector. As part of the company’s Global and Noble initiatives, Binovi is committed to ensuring that K-12 students are given every advantage possible to strengthen, rehabilitate or retrain their vision-related reading skills.


“Clinical practice guidelines published by the American Optometric Association attest to our profession’s long-standing history of helping children with learning related vision problems. The acquisition of research-based and computerized vision screening software (VERA), as well as a robust portfolio of computer-aided vision therapy modules (CAVT) complementing our foundational tools, enables Binovi Technologies to forge new collaborative relationships between Optometry and Education.”

Dr. Leonard Press, Binovi’s Director of Global Education

As mentioned in the Company’s corporate update of May 6, 2021, Scientific Advisory Board Member Dr. Sandra Stoddard is heading up a scientific research program with an Alberta school board with the goal of establishing the positive impact the Binovi Platform can have on students with vision issues, beyond acuity, in relation to their ability to read.

The education market represents a massive opportunity for Binovi and is one of the Company’s three core focus areas, the others being athletic performance and general vision therapy. With approximately 1 in 4 people globally suffering from a vision issue not related to acuity, and research showing a strong correlation between reading proficiency in students and high school drop-out rates, it is clear that a solution is needed. Binovi looks to provide that solution while capitalizing on the education technology market, projected to grow from an estimated US$12.7B in 2021 to US$25.2B by 2026, in large part because of cloud-based solutions like Binovi’s.


“Because research has shown that early-interventional vision-based therapies have promising positive outcomes in relation to reading fluency and comprehension, further research to definitively establish the positive impact of the Binovi system on students’ ability to read, will be invaluable. Limited studies to date have followed the rigorous protocol that we will apply to this study, which includes control and placebo groups. This study is aimed at providing conclusive, scientific evidence of the benefits vision therapy has on children’s academic performance in general, with a focus on reading in particular. Identifying issues is incredibly important, but without a remedial solution, little will change. Binovi has developed an incredible remedial solution that is unique in its scope and effectiveness and that, we believe, has the potential of making an important contribution towards elevating reading readiness skills and positively impacting the lives of many. We know from experience that individuals typically experience a significant and measurable positive impact following a 12-week program, allowing us to conduct the study in months rather than years. This accelerated timeline will enable us to publish results relatively quickly. This, we believe, will provide Binovi, with evidence-based data to engage with governmental and other stakeholders to roll out our programs at a much larger scale than has been the case to date.”

Dr. Sandra Stoddard, member of Binovi’s Scientific Advisory Board

The Company’s goal is to show that not only is Binovi a viable, effective, and actionable screening tool for reading-related vision skills in K-12 —and specifically K-3— students but that it represents a step forward in the process by which students of all ages are screened, tested, and treated for vision-related issues that go beyond simple visual acuity. With Dr. Stoddard’s study and the continued effort of the Binovi Scientific Advisory Board lighting the way, the Company strongly believes it is well positioned to effect great changes in the education marketplace.

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