Binovi for Optometrists and Vision Therapy

Hello, Binovi

The Binovi platform is a software-based platform that combines software, hardware, expert knowledge, and data analysis to help optometrists, vision therapists, and sports trainers work together with their clients to improve their vision.

Our goal is to provide a useful tool for front-line therapists, doctors, and trainers to improve the everyday experience their clients have with vision therapy and sports vision training, all the while empowering practitioners to expand their own skill sets and knowledge base, and providing insights into patient outcomes and athlete performance.

Get the Facts

We’ve put together some easy-to-access documents for you to get an overview on what Binovi is, and what it can do for you.

Binovi Academy

Broaden your practice’s knowledge base with specialized premium education modules for Binovi Academy from industry leaders!

Get the whole story from vision therapy experts Dr. Robert Sanet and Dr. Leonard Press in their interactive eBook, the Sanet Vision Seminar Series. Get over 100 hours of HD video shot by the Eyecarrot Team over the course of Dr. Sanet’s 5-weekend course, and follow along with commentary from Dr. Leonard Press as they cover a wide variety of topics, including models of vision, patient and clinic management, and demonstrations of useful vision therapy activities that can be done both in the office and at home!

Dive into the world of Primitive Reflexes with Patti Andrich in her interactive eBook, Primitive Reflexes Module 1. Work with Patti to build on the foundations of development, dealing with retained primitive reflexes and how to help patients both young and old get past them. Patti provides an excellent overview of what Primitive Reflexes are, and provides a series of activities (included into your Binovi Library with the eBook) to ensure you, your team, and your patients are doing it right.

Binovi Kit

Everything you need to get started, all in one package. We’ve assembled Binovi Kit, a comprehensive collection of industry-standard materials and equipment used to complement home therapy activities.

In partnership with Bernell —the largest distributor of vision therapy supplies in North America— we’ve assembled a convenient kit of standard equipment with which therapists and patients are already familiar. Binovi Kit is designed to be paired with Binovi Coach and Binovi Pro, as the activities in the apps are listed and demonstrated with the same materials.

Our goal with Binovi Kit was to make a comprehensive package that was ready to go, right out of the box, with everything patients need to complete most home therapy activities, ensuring that patients have all their materials, all the time, all the while keeping it affordable for clinics to make available to their patients. Save time and money, and empower patients.

Binovi Kit is only available to vision therapy professionals registered with Binovi.

Binovi Live Training Webinar


Presentation recorded April 14, 2021