Binovi: More Than Meets the Eye

October 24, 2015

Thanks to the proliferation and personalization of mobile devices, there are more and more companies vying for that precious app icon real estate on your phone. Many of these apps have become an essential part of our everyday lives, helping us to keep track of our personal, social and professional selves. As the app landscape, wearables and the internet of things has evolved, so too has the respect the industry has for the investment required to build and maintain a meaningful product that can evolve with you and provide real value beyond initial trial usage.

“Binovi is a companion app in the truest sense of the word.”

At Eyecarrot, we’ve curated decades of insights from technological innovation, academic research and clinical practice within the vision sciences in designing the Binovi platform for people around the world. The primary purpose of the Binovi (binocular vision) app is to empower people with a simple, reliable and powerful way to measure and monitor their alignment between their eyes, body and mind. Binovi is a companion app in the true sense of the word, allowing us to keep a pulse on our visual and cognitive capacities over time, helping to identify areas for improvement and in certain cases: reveal inconsistencies that may warrant further examination from a professional healthcare provider. Eyecarrot is developing the binovi enterprise platform for healthcare practitioners, to offer an advanced, user friendly and reliable software solution to help individuals improve their vision or recover from a vision disorder or injury. By developing binovi as an open platform, we’re hoping to inspire a more dynamic relationship between people and their health-care teams.

Eyecarrot corporate belief is that people & practitioners are ready to share greater control of their health care efforts. We also believe that the vision sciences should be a domain driven by scientific merit over the product driven model that prevails today in the eye care domain. Both the binovi mobile app and enterprise platform empower a new generation of health conscious individuals and forward thinking practitioners to be more actively involved in collaborative and proactive in health care, and we’ll continue to work hard to embody our vision and earn a dedicated place in peoples’ minds and devices.

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