Binovi Training Live – FAQs asked and answered

June 15, 2020

Over the last few months we’ve been put on a series of Binovi Training Live webinars, a way for members of the Binovi community —and those who haven’t yet joined— to come together.

Some of these webinars were aimed at new and prospective clients looking to get started with Binovi, while others were aimed at more experienced users who wanted to get the most out of Binovi Pro, Binovi Coach, and Binovi Touch. Some, still, were to help answer questions and reach out to the broader Binovi Community for tips and tricks on using Binovi in their practice.

During the wesbinars, a few questions or items of conversation come up more than once, so we wanted to address some of them with everyone, as we feel they were important enough to warrant discussion.

Question 1

Binovi Package Options

Many new and prospective users wanted more information and guidance on deciding which Binovi plan was right for them. Some were looking to use Binovi with all their patients, while others were looking for a more stripped-down version. We’ve broken them down here.

Starter Package

This is the standard Binovi plan that allows optometrists to access the Binovi activity library, assign activities to their patients, and otherwise use Binovi to its fullest, all for a set monthly fee and a per-patient fee for every added patient.

Unlimited Package

This is the package for more power users and includes everything the Starter Package includes, but is intended for practices planning on adding a larger number of patients every month. Unlike the Starter Package, however, this plan is billed at a fixed annual amount.

What’s Included

  • The Dr. Robert Sanet content collection of activities
  • Access to Binovi Pro and Binovi Coach applications
  • The Binovi Training eBooks
  • The ability to create custom activities
  • Access to the Optometric Extension Program (OEP) Library of activities (Levels 1, 2, and 3) for those registered with OEP

Education Package

With the advent of Binovi Academy, many practices expressed interest in the educational aspect of the Binovi Platform and wanted access to the eBooks contained inside, but did not have the need for the full feature set of the regular packages. For these practices, we created the Education Package, which allows access to Binovi Pro for the purposes of using Binovi Academy for a fixed hosting fee, plus the cost of the education modules themselves.

Question 2

Binovi Training - Support built right in

As part of our efforts to make Binovi easy to use, we’ve included the Binovi Training eBooks for Binovi Pro, Binovi Coach, and the Binovi Touch app for all users right inside Binovi Pro as part of Binovi Academy. These eBooks are step-by-step instructional guides on the functionality of the apps, and include helpful interactive instructions to guide users, new and old. Users can access these eBooks through the Academy tab in the Binovi Pro menu.

Question 3

Remote therapy and training

From the very beginning, Binovi was designed to work remotely, allowing practices to increase their reach and treat more patients by assigning activities remotely, and having patients complete their home therapy in a trackable and reliable way.

This has not changed, and with the state of business being what it is, we’re seeing Binovi being used to remotely treat and train patients and athletes from a distance.

Care teams can easily create patient accounts, assign activities, and be sure that patients are completing those activities correctly with the help of HD video instructions, slideshows, and written descriptions. Keeping track of patient activity is done the same way as with in-person patients, and secure messaging means that lines of communication remain open, and organized. For more information, review these posts we wrote on our blog!

Question 4

Feature Requests and Roadmap

In talking with clients, we also noticed a few common feature requests come in and wanted to address them openly with you. Most, if not all, of the feature requests we saw were items already in our planned product roadmap, and are already either in the works, or being actively tested.

Sharing data + reports with patients

One thing many requested was a way to share captured data results from Binovi Touch with patients or athletes through Binovi Coach. This is something we are actively working on and hope to have in testing soon. This kind of sharing of information keeps users engaged and helps them take ownership of treatment and training.

Messaging Notifications

Just like you would see for texting and other messaging apps, receiving notifications when patients send a message to their care teams is important in ensuring timely responses. These kinds of notifications are also currently being added to Binovi Pro to help care teams keep on top of their messages.

Plan Templates

Currently actively being testing in a private beta program, plan templates allow care teams and trainers to plan out home therapy, in-office appointments, and training regimens in advance using a week-to-week list. Plan Templates also allow Pro users to create and apply pre-made templates and protocols to users, customizing as needed for individual user needs. As patients progress through these plans, Binovi Coach is automatically updated with the new prescribed activities. To get access to this feature and enter the private Beta, contact a member of our Customer Success Team.

We’re hoping that those who attended the Binovi Training Live Webinars were able to get valuable and helpful information about becoming part of the Binovi Community, or how to get the most out of Binovi in their practice.

Have questions?

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