Binovi Transforming K-12 Global Education Through Guided Classroom Technology Resources

August 11, 2020

TORONTO, NY | August 11, 2020 | Binovi Technologies Corp., (Binovi) (TSX-V:VISN) (OTCQB:BNVIF), a leader in neuro-vision performance technology, announces its strategic expansion into pre-K-12 Education. The expansion is in stride with the Company’s “Global and Noble” initiatives directed towards accelerating the development of reading fundamentals. Cognitive literacy skills for students of all abilities from pre-K to grade 3, with continued reading comprehension activities to grade 12, will be advanced through technology-driven vision training protocols. The company is positioned to leverage the flexibility of the Binovi Platform and empower students and teachers globally in this new post COVID-19 world.

“Expanding our Binovi vision therapy technology into the field of education is the most exciting development I have seen. Research has already proven that binocular vision problems can interfere with a student’s ability to read. In fact, 80% of children diagnosed with a learning disability meet the criteria for visual accommodation and vergence problems. Knowing this, our Binovi Platform has been designed to provide early-intervention vision therapy activities to help increase reading abilities by grade three, which is the strongest predictor of high school completion and other positive life outcomes. If we can integrate our Binovi platform into the school system and have it accessible to all children as early as kindergarten, the impact of being able to detect and remediate early vision deficits, that are impeding children’s ability to read successfully by grade 3, could be a game changer.”

Terry Booth, Executive Chairman, Binovi Technologies

The global education smart technology industry is growing significantly with abundant opportunities. North America plays a huge role in the development of this technology, which helps in the adoption of new learning solutions across various end-user segments. The goal of Binovi is to provide the global education sector with the best vision assessment and development tools to assist students to achieve all that they are capable. New learning opportunities are emerging as students engage with a new generation of smart technology; with smart classrooms becoming the norm, students have instant access to performance and cognitive tools that can supplement their learning success.

There is approximately 15,000 k-12 schools within Canada and over 130,000 schools within the USA. Binovi hopes to penetrate this North American education sector with our product offering and for each school we are able to license the revenue would be approximately $50k to 100k per school based upon our current pricing structure.

“Vision extends well beyond the realm of eyesight and is a fundamental component of cognition. Educators assume that each child enters the educational system with adequate visual abilities, but all too often that is not the case. Binovi technology is poised to help level the playing field among students.”

Dr. Leonard Press, Chief Scientific Officer, Binovi Technologies

Blending personalized, online, student-driven instruction with offline, teacher-delivered lessons and activities, Binovi strives to accelerate the development of both fundamental literacy skills and higher-order thinking skills through adaptive learning paths. With a range of instructional and motivating resources, Binovi for Education will engage students in their learning success. Additionally, progress monitoring, actionable data, and scripted lessons will empower teachers to deliver literacy support specific to each students’ needs.

“The final frontiers in technology evolution is how these advancements can impact Healthcare and Education. We are now seeing these changes in real-time and look forward to becoming a global leader in the field of Education.”

Adam Cegielski, CEO, Binovi Technologies

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