Deriving Maximum Benefit From Your Binovi Sanet Seminar Series Premium Education Module – Dr. Leonard Press

January 15, 2020

With the rollout of the Sanet Vision Seminar Series now complete, we wanted to address a number of questions and comments users had, and thought who better to explain how to best take advantage of such a wealth of information than Dr. Leonard Press, source for the commentary included within the product and Eyecarrot’s Director of Global Education.

Dr. Sanet and I have collaborated on a unique learning experience designed to broaden, expand, and elevate your understanding of vision, and the application of principles enabling you to enhance optometric vision evaluation and therapy.

Consider this module as a master class that is an extension of the widely acclaimed PAVE-Sanet Seminar Series presented over the course of five weekends in San Diego, California. Although there is no substitute for attending those courses, and the benefit that comes from live interaction in a teaching/laboratory setting, this ePub format provides further opportunities for your growth and performance that is not available elsewhere.

Learning Opportunities

The live PAVE-Sanet Seminars are designed for optometric therapists as well as optometric students and doctors; from the newly minted to experienced individuals. It can be daunting to absorb all of the terminology and nuances that come with the live seminar, but the inclusion of video (and the quality of the videography and editing) makes it easy to pause and review material either independently or in a group setting. The video is a recording of the actual PAVE-Sanet Seminar that gives you a seat in the audience. You can scroll through my commentary to each video; your learning style will guide you on how best to do this. Some people will prefer to watch the video, periodically pausing to view the commentary. Others may wish to read the commentary first to preview what is coming in the video.

Elsewhere we’ve presented a short synopsis of what is contained in each of the five weekends of this education module.

By way of brief review

Weekend 1 – Models of Vision and Foundational Concepts and Principles
Weekend 2 – Generalized Visual Skills and Approaches to Therapy
Weekend 3 – Visual Information Processing
Weekend 4 – Amblyopia and Strabismus
Weekend 5 – Acquired Brain Injury


Screen captures of Dr. Sanet’s slides are scattered throughout, to help accompany the video, as many times the slides themselves present the necessary information in a succinct manner, but are not shown in the video itself.

Links to Articles, Chapters, and Diagrams

Bonus links to articles not provided to live seminar attendees are included. These links are helpful supporting materials to the information being presented by Dr. Sanet on a variety of topics, often tangential or supplementary to the core focus of the seminar.

Dialogue that occurs between Dr. Sanet and seminar attendees often trigger thoughts from other sources, including reference materials and diagrams.

Airplanes to Bonus Blog Content and More

You’ll note little airplanes at strategic spots where Dr. Sanet deviates from the slides into streams of consciousness. These are very valuable interludes, and in addition to helping you organizing and integrating this material, the module incorporates links to blog material on the topic at hand. In many places I have added commentary to complement Dr. Sanet’s points with links of my own.

Supplementary Clinical Material

The commentary includes clinically useful material that builds on the seminar video, such as during Dr. Sanet’s discussion of the Worth 4 Dot, for which I provide ways to expand the utility of the test.

Dr. Sanet and I frequently take turns with these role reversals where at times he is emphasizing the practice management utility of a procedure or approach and I elaborate on its clinical utility, or vice-versa.

Freeze Frames

Having the video provides a distinct advantage beyond trying to see what a volunteer attendee’s eyes are doing during the seminar. When viewing the video, there will be times when you need to re-view what is happening. We anticipated some of these intervals by including screen grabs that provide additional perspective, with additional guidance through the commentary.

Practice Management Pearls

Although important tips about practice management are offered through the entire seminar module, there are periodic segments that are particularly valuable in this regard, and are highlighted in the commentary accordingly.

Linda Sanet on Parquetry and Attribute Blocks

Linda is a COVT who brings a unique perspective to the education module. We have split her presentation during Weekend 3 on Visual Information Processing into a number of different parts. You will likely find yourself viewing her lengthy, masterful presentation on parquetry block and attribute blocks numerous times: the commentary liberally annotates the many screen shots taken as we went through the video to extract key moments illustrating the principles.

Adding Value to Staff Training

We anticipate that you find this education module of immense benefit to your entire staff. For those who have attended the live PAVE-Sanet seminar, it will serve as both a resource and reference material as well as the opportunity to extend the applications of what you have learned. For those who are unable to attend the course, it is not only “the next best thing to being there”, but a way to acquire a deeper understanding of the why, what, and how of changing patients’ lives through optometric vision therapy.

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