Eyecarrot Appoints Dr. Jason Dyck and Dr. Sandra Stoddard to the Scientific Advisory Board

June 11, 2020

Toronto, New York – Eyecarrot Innovations Corp [TSX-V:EYC | QTCQB:EYCCF | 2EYA:GR] is pleased to announce the appointment of Dr. Jason Dyck and the appointment of Dr. Sandra Stoddard to the company’s Scientific Advisory Board.

About Dr. Jason Dyck

Dr. Jason Dyck is a world-class research scientist and professor in the Department of Pediatrics at the University of Alberta, the director of the University of Alberta Cardiovascular Research Centre, a Canada Research Chair in Molecular Medicine, and a fellow of the Canadian Academy of Health Sciences. Dr. Dyck also has a wealth of experience in establishing and directing large interdisciplinary research teams, which provides the strongest foundation for credible and useful research to reach key stakeholders and improve healthcare and health outcomes.

Dr. Dyck has published over 220 peer-reviewed papers and is a recognized expert in basic biomedical research, which has attracted international recognition and has contributed to him being invited to co-chair the National Research Council for Diabetes Canada, and to serve on the Editorial boards of 4 major international journals.  Dr. Dyck also reviews grants for international granting bodies such as The National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA), the National Institute for Health (NIH), the Welcome Trust, the National Health and Medical Research Council of Australia, the Dutch Diabetes Research Foundation and the European Research Council. Dr. Dyck was recognized as one of Canada’s Top 40 under 40 (awarded by the Caldwell Partners).

“I’m excited by this opportunity to learn from the Eyecarrot team and to assist the science advance to the clinical testing phase for both educational purposes and sports medicine applications. I am impressed with the passion that Adam brings to this company and with this new team that he has assembled. Working alongside Mr. Booth again in this capacity is important because he has the passion, vision and experience to help this company achieve its goals”

Dr. Jason Dyck PhD, Eyecarrot Scientific Advisory Board

“Dr. Dyck has a track record of excellence at all levels, and his background in research, leadership, and business development are key attributes that will help drive the scientific backing and product offerings included in the Binovi Platform”

Adam Cegielski, Eyecarrot CEO

“As Chief Scientific Officer, I welcome the scientific perspectives of accomplished researchers such as Dr. Dyck.”

Dr. Leonard Press, newly appointed Eyecarrot CSO

About Dr. Sandra Stoddard

Dr. Sandra Stoddard is a distinguished educator who has devoted her entire 32-year career to ensuring her personal vision: success for all students. For Dr. Stoddard, this is not just a statement, but a passion. She holds a Bachelors of Education, a Masters in Educational Psychology in the area of Mild and Moderate Disabilities and a PhD in Educational Psychology.  She was the recipient of the Nadene M. Thomas Graduate Research Bursary for her PhD Dissertation: Predicting First-Year Teaching Proficiency.

Throughout her career, Dr. Stoddard has served in many capacities including teacher, educational consultant, assistant principal, principal, director and executive director. She is currently the Associate Superintendent of a public-school division and oversees Early Learning, Inclusive Learning, Curriculum and Instructional Supports, Information Technologies, as well as all the Elementary schools within the Division. Outside of the Educational arena, Dr. Stoddard served as the Senior Manager of the Innovation and Improvement Unit, Research and Innovation Branch, within the Government of Alberta. In this role, she established and led a unit responsible for a variety of initiatives that involved partnerships with other Ministries, community agencies, private sector organizations, provincial associations, and academic institutions, all with the aim of engaging communities and individuals to improve support and services to Alberta’s vulnerable children, youth, and families. During this role, she was a recipient of the Premier’s Award of Excellence.

At the international level, Dr. Stoddard served as a Board of Director for the Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development (ASCD), a global organization comprised of 115,000 members in more than 128 countries, working to pursue excellence in learning, teaching and leading.  As a result of meeting with education and government officials in numerous countries, she is fully aware of issues in education that are international in scope which will enhance our ability to potentially contribute to positive educational outcomes on a global level.

“I am excited to be a part of Eyecarrot and integrating Binovi into practice. Preliminary research suggests that vision therapy can be used to improve reading fluency, reading comprehension and other educational outcomes. For far too long, education has been working in a silo to try to address educational challenges. The impact of integrating medical and educational research, to support success for all students, has the potential to be transformational”

Dr. Sandra Stoddard B.Ed, M.Ed, PhD, Eyecarrot Scientific Advisory Board

“Dr. Stoddard’s wealth of experience in integrating educational theory into practice will be an asset to the company as we collaborate, to improve educational outcomes for students.”

Adam Cegielski, Eyecarrot CEO

“Vision is an integral component of learning, and I look forward to working with Dr. Stoddard on optimizing the transfer of visual abilities to the educational environment.”

Dr. Leonard Press, newly appointed Eyecarrot CSO

In addition to the affirmation of Dr. Dyck and Dr. Stoddard to the Scientific Advisory Board, Mr. Terry Booth, Founder and former CEO of Aurora Cannabis (TSX-ACB), was appointed as the Company’s Executive Chairman. Mr. Booth skillfully raised Aurora from its infancy into one of the world’s largest and fastest growing cannabis companies, valued at $18B at its peak, with a focus on providing high-quality medical and adult usage cannabis and inspiring better days for medical and recreational consumers around the world. Mr. Booth is instrumental in coordinating the contributions of Dr. Jason Dyck and Dr. Sandra Stoddard to the expansion of Eyecarrot’s Binovi Platform.

The company is driven to leveraging expert knowledge as part of the development, expansion, and delivery of the Binovi Platform to clients in all industries, from education, to sports, to optometry, and beyond.

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