Eyecarrot at Exponential Medicine 2015

November 19, 2015

Eyecarrot participated in the 2015 Exponential Medicine Conference hosted by Singularity University on November 9. This four-day event brought together world-class faculty, participants, demonstrations and workshops to explore and shape the future of medicine. The exponential growth of technology and innovative thinking has allowed the health space to be redefined. The stage was set for an inspiring few days with talks ranging from the future of neuromedicine, artificial intelligence and robotics to global health, omics, biotech and beyond. Through multidisciplinary events, organizations and startups across the biomedical and technology spectrum came together to explore new innovations and learn more about how healthcare is being reshaped for the future.

“We need to challenge the dogma and tradition of healthcare using technology” – Shafi Ahmed, PhD FRCS, Speaker at Exponential Medicine 2015

Eyecarrot was chosen as one of the 50 companies to be part of the Healthcare Innovation Lab, an exciting platform for the most promising companies and innovations that are set to revolutionize the practice of medicine and radically transform the healthcare industry. As part of Singularity University’s future forward curriculum with hands on learning and demonstrations, Eyecarrot took this opportunity to showcase the Binovi product suite to a diverse set of healthcare leaders and investors from around the globe. Along with 19 other companies, Eyecarrot was selected to compete for the MEDy Awards, giving recognition to companies designing products and creating healthcare solutions that are industry changing.

“As we progress along our journey to engineer vision science, Exponential Medicine and Singularity University represent one of the most important beachheads to stop and gain perspective on both the speed and direction of change. Four days of lectures, presentations and general discussions with some of the brightest minds shaping the future of healthcare was an invaluable experience for our leadership team. We are proud to be amongst the world class companies building disruptive healthcare solutions for the world.” – Adam Cegielski, Founder of Eyecarrot.

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