Eyecarrot at the 10th Annual IAFNR Functional Neurosciences Conference

October 24, 2019

Last weekend Eyecarrot Innovations attended the 10th annual IAFNR Functional Neurosciences conference in Henderson, NV, where we showcased the Binovi Platform’s software, hardware, data, and expert knowledge to a dedicated group of motivated functional neurology specialists. We had an absolutely great time meeting with some old friends, and making new ones on thge show floor.

Eyecarrot’s goal for IAFNR was to demonstrate the value in collecting, analyzing, and acting on functional neuro-optmetric data with the goal of rehabilitating and/or improving human performance across the board. We met with everyone from athletic trainers, nurses, and occupational therapists, to sports psychologists and behavioral analysts, massage therapists, and movement specialists. Eyecarrot CTO, Sam Mithani PhD, sat in on several of the 27 keynote presentations in order to gain industry insight on TBI diagnosis and a number of other fascinating functional neurology topics.


“We had 27 Speakers deliver over 36 hours of educational programs as part of our second year of offering the Track system. We have found that our interdisciplinary members need a common language from which to understand the basics of neurosciences and be able to create applications that change developing brains.”

Dr. David Rosenthal, AS, BA, DC, FICPA, FACFN, FABVR, FABCDD, FIBFN-CND, IAFNR President.

In line with IAFNR’s focus on education for their community of interdesciplinary professionals dedicated to the evaluation and management of functional neurological disorders, Eyecarrot also showcased Binovi Academy and the premium educational modules currently available (and coming soon!).


“The recent Las Vegas IAFNR conference was absolutely fantastic. What made it a real win for me was spending time at the Eyecarrot booth. The Eyecarrot staff helped me to take the theoretical knowledge gained in seminar, and make it immediately practical in a clinical setting. I felt like we were taking functional neurology and making it real, by providing the tools, protocols, and support for treating brain injury, cognitive decline, and sports performance in ways that were previously just not possible.”

Dr. David Boynton

We are looking forward to the 11th annual IAFNR conference, slated for early October 2020 in San Antonio, TX, and are eager to work closely with both IAFNR and their members to help improve human performance through Binovi.


The International Association of Functional Neurology and Rehabilitation (IAFNR) was formed in 2010 to promote, protect and advance interdisciplinary scientific and clinical Functional Neurology and Rehabilitation Sciences at the national and international levels. The Mission of IAFNR is to support and present world class research in the area of Functional Neurology. The ultimate vision for IAFNR is a large world-wide organization that has a wide cross section of members from all different professional that are interested in understanding and learning functional neurology. IAFNR is an organization that is primarily focused on practical applications that will improve the health of suffering people, prevent illness and lower healthcare costs.

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