Eyecarrot Partners with Great Valley Academy in Modesto California School District

March 5, 2019

Toronto, Ontario – Eyecarrot Innovations Corp (TSX-V: EYC, OTCQB: EYCCF) is pleased to announce a partnership with Great Valley Academy, a group of charter schools in Modesto California that includes close to 2000 students ranging from JK to Grade 8. BinoviTMby Eyecarrot will be featured in the school with approximately 16 Binovi Touch units delivered and utilized to drive enhancements in vision skills relating to academics and athletic performance. The company believes Binovi will serve as a necessary tool in bridging the gap between human vision potential in academic environments and highly trained vision professionals with expertise in vision rehabilitation.

Great Valley Academy was founded by Dr. Eldon Rosenow, a Fellow in Developmental and Rehabilitative Neuro Optometry, an experienced Optometrist with over 35 years in the field, and now Founder of a groundbreaking educational platform in the California School system.  Dr. Rosenow who holds extensive experience in changing brain function through rehabilitation, is integrating Binovi into his platform at Great Valley Academy and is excited to be leveraging both platforms to accelerate his work and research. 

The Binovi Touch drives real-time data reporting, which is an invaluable resource to educators developing curriculum, in addition to providing students with an understanding of their learning needs. “Dr. Eldon Rosenow holds a wealth of expertise in vision rehabilitation that is further enhanced through the utilization of the Binovi” said Adam Cegielski, President and CEO of Eyecarrot.

The partnership will help establish age related baselines on Binovi, identify ideal screening opportunities in early education, align the school systems with the right type of Binovi Optometrist to help with treatment, and ultimately utilize the data and machine learning aspects of the Binovi platform.  The company will also be in a position to test and finalize the financial model that will drive greater revenue for the company for each student who utilizes Binovi.  Approximately 1 in 4 individuals suffer from binocular vision problems, identifying these cases early, and addressing them with therapy has the potential for billions of dollars in costs savings to governments. 

“This exciting research opportunity created through the partnership of Great Valley Academy and Binovi will provide daily student performance data using leading edge Perceptual Developmental Therapy technology  delivered by highly skilled teachers”

Dr. Selwyn Super, Doctor of Optometry, M.Ed., Ph.D., Postdoctoral Fellow Multivariate Neurocognitive Development.
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