Eyecarrot Ships Over 400 Binovi Touch Units to the Market

April 14, 2020

[Toronto, ON, Canada] Eyecarrot Innovations Corp., (Eyecarrot) (TSX-V: EYC | OTCQB: EYCCF | 2EYA: GR) is pleased to announce that it has shipped over 400 Binovi Touch units into the marketplace. With over 1500 practices in 20 countries using the Company’s products (Wayne Saccadic Fixator & Binovi Touch), the Company continues to grow its base of monthly recurring revenue through the development of strategic alliances with neurovision training facilities, including world class sports teams, athletic training organizations, vision training clinics, and concussion recovery centers. It is the company’s goal to exit 2020 with an installed base of 2500 Binovi Touch Units.

To meet this objective, the company has been actively pursuing strategic alliances with sports training organizations to gain further market exposure, with more to come in the near. These alliances will expose the Company to tens of thousands of athletes globally. Sports teams and high performance athletic training organizations are realizing the benefit of neurovision training to augment their physical training regimen. With the current COVID-19 pandemic and the isolation measures being taken to minimize exposure to coronavirus, athletes are looking to hone their skill set, including the gained performance advantages of neurovision training. This has led to a heightened level of interest in the Binovi Touch Platform. The company is not constrained by distribution problems due to COVID-19 and does not anticipate delivery problems of the product.

“Working with our suppliers, we have streamlined our manufacturing process to improve the reliability and performance of Binovi Touch. This latest generation of devices has brighter and more consistent light, improving stimulus recognition when combining multiple devices together for a larger field of view. This continuous innovation is a core tenet of everything we do at Eyecarrot.”

Sam Mithani, CTO

This achievement marks another major milestone in the continued evolution of the Company’s product fulfillment and distribution goals.

“As we seek to strengthen our global footprint, continuous innovation and timely order fulfillment represents a key milestone in our overall growth. Product demand within sustainable markets outside of Canada demonstrates our commitment to deliver world-class human performance products across all of the markets we serve.”

Adam Cegielski, Eyecarrot Founder + CEO

For additional information, please visit our info page on the Binovi Platform and or https://www.binovitouch.com/.

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