Eyecarrot Signs Partnership Agreement Dr. Robert Sanet

January 17, 2017

Toronto, Ontario — Eyecarrot Innovations Corp TSX-V: EYC is pleased to announce that it has entered into a long-term partnership agreement with Dr. Robert Sanet, a world-renowned educator and practitioner in the fields of behavioral optometric care, vision training, and practice management. He has presented more than 400 lectures and seminars in the United States, and over 250 lectures and seminars internationally.

This partnership agreement provides Eyecarrot with an exclusive license to Dr. Sanet’s comprehensive educational and instructional materials for vision-led motor activities to be used within Eyecarrot’s BinoviTM Platform, exclusive access to his deep expertise and understanding of the oculomotor sensory system, and unparalleled endorsement of BinoviTM to his network of Vision Care Professionals and Professional Vision Associations worldwide.

“Dr. Sanet is one of the most influential leaders in behavioral optometry globally, whose educational and instructional seminars are recognized as the industry gold standard. We are very excited to have exclusive access to Dr. Sanet’s vision-led motor activities in our BinoviTM app as well as endorsement of our vision in building the BinoviTM platform. I am looking forward to a very productive partnership with Dr. Sanet, as we set out to build a solid foundation for the Binovi Platform.”

Adam Cegielski, President and CEO

“Over the past decade I have devoted all my time, effort and energy to teaching others to replicate the visual rehabilitation and enhancement work that I did so that I could reach many more people around the world. My goal is to touch one million lives. Working with Eyecarrot enables me to significantly expand this reach and ensure a legacy. I am very excited about what the team at Eyecarrot is building, which will help to make vision training more accessible and effective worldwide.”

Dr. Robert Sanet

About Dr. Robert B. Sanet

Dr. Robert B. Sanet graduated with honors from the Southern California College of Optometry. He has served as President of the College of Optometrists in Vision Development, Chair of the A.O.A. Sports Vision Section, Board of Directors the Neuro-Optometric Rehabilitation Association, International Clinical Director of the Special Olympics Opening Eyes Program, Staff Optometrist San Diego Rehabilitation Institute at Alvarado Hospital, Consultant to the Centro de Optometria International in Madrid, Consultant to the Domus Nova Hospital in Ravenna and Adjunct Associate Professor at the Southern California College of Optometry. Dr. Sanet has worked with amateur and professional athletes including the USA Men’s and Women’s Olympic Volleyball teams, San Diego Chargers, San Diego Padres, and LPGA Golf Professionals.

Dr. Sanet’s numerous awards include the San Diego County Optometrist of the Year; College of Optometrists in Vision Development G.N. German Award for Excellence in Children’s Vision Care; Neuro-Optometric Rehabilitation Association Founders Award; COVD President’s Award; Optometric Extension Program Foundation Ralph Barstow International Award; Guiseppe Rico Award (Italy) for Excellence in Clinical Practice; SIODEC (Spain) International Optometrist of the Year; COMF (Mexico) International Optometrist of the Year; OEP Armand Bastein International Award; BOAF (Germany) Lifetime Achievement Award; and in 1999 Dr. Sanet was named as a Distinguished Practitioner in the multidisciplinary National Academies of Practice. He is one of only 100 Optometrists in the USA to have received this award.

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