Get to Know: Binovi

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Do you wear glasses? What about contact lenses? If so, you’re actually in the majority. Over 50% of people have reported using some kind of vision correction aid. But these aids only affect one aspect of vision.

Sight is one of our 5 senses; our ability to see. How well we see things depends heavily on acuity, or how clearly images of the world are projected onto the receptive portions of our eyes. This alone, however, is not vision. Being able to see things clearly is only the beginning. Vision is the result of the neurological processes that stem from the input from our eyes to the visual cortex of the brain, and accounts for an overwhelming majority of the sensory input our brains process. Vision encompasses things like hand-eye coordination (physical movement based on visual stimulus), oculomotor control (eyes working correctly together to track things in the world), and visual-spatial awareness (the ability to tell where things are in space relative to the observer).

These things may seem like specialized areas, but they’re key vision skills we use every day, and rely on to perform well and stay safe. Whether it’s as a professional baseball player, tracking the ball as it leaves the pitchers hand and swinging the bat at the right time and place to hit a home run, or a child following a string of letters and words and being able to make sense of what they are seeing, vision is a crucial part of how we interact with the world around us, and it is something that can always be improved.

Binovi is a platform that brings together tools —both old and new— and expert knowledge to help the approximately 1 in 4 people worldwide who can benefit from better vision.

What is Binovi?

The Binovi platform is a software-based platform that combines software, hardware, expert knowledge, and data analysis to help optometrists, vision therapists, and sports trainers work together with their clients to improve their vision.

Estimates are that approximately 1 in every 4 people worldwide live day-to-day with a vision issue that goes beyond simply seeing the world clearly (visual acuity). Despite this, ophthalmic treatment primarily focuses on visual acuity issues (glasses, contacts, laser surgery) and disease management (cataracts, glaucoma). This leaves many visual performance issues left undiagnosed or mistreated. And it only gets worse: many of these visual performance issues can have knock-on effects, affecting other aspects of people’s health, behavior, and everyday life.

About Binovi

Binovi was founded to bring attention to these issues, and to help those treating them by providing the tools necessary to bring treatment into the 21st century. A broader vision is vital in how we view the world around us, and we are focused on the importance of developing, protecting, and perfecting that vision. This is where Binovi begins.

Whether looking to correct developmental issues in children, rehabilitate patients after injuries, or simply to improve and perfect vision performance, Binovi is the ideal tool.

Our Multi-Angled Approach

Simply put, the Binovi Platform is the result of combining proven tools, innovative technology, expert knowledge from leading practitioners, and data tracking and analysis. Our goal is to provide a useful tool for front-line therapists, doctors, and trainers to improve the everyday experience their clients have with vision therapy and sports vision training, all the while empowering practitioners to expand their own skill sets and knowledge base, and providing insights into patient outcomes and athlete performance.


Smartphones and tablets have become ubiquitous in our lives, so why not leverage them? Until now, most vision therapy and sports vision therapy was done out of big binders and manuals, recorded manually in paper folders. Binovi lightens the load on both practitioners and their clients to make testing, training, and therapy easier, more reliable, and more interactive.

Binovi Pro

The control center of the Binovi Platform, Binovi Pro allows therapists and trainers to manage the many aspects of their clients’ regimens, track progress at both macro and micro levels, and plan and assign activities and exercises.

Binovi Coach

A coach ignites passion, motivates, and works with people to help them achieve their goals Binovi Coach encourages and empowers users to confidently complete their assigned activities through clear multimedia guidance.


We’ve updated proven tools already in use around the world by sports vision trainers and vision therapists to bring it into the 21st century and incorporate it into the Binovi Platform.

Binovi Touch

We’ve re-engineered the Wayne Saccadic Fixator —a fixture in vision therapy and sports vision training for over 30 years— into Binovi Touch, a more powerful tool, more flexible to individual needs and scenarios, and easier to use.

Expert Knowledge

You really do learn something new every day, and we’ve designed Binovi to represent an ever-expanding source of knowledge, learning, and insight.

Binovi Academy

Educational content for vision care teams is available from within Binovi Pro itself, and available to the entire team at all times. With content coming from a number of leading experts in their fields, Binovi Academy helps bring new research, new techniques, new activities, and fresh insights into the worlds of vision therapy and sports vision training.

Moving Forward

Plans are in place for Binovi to play an even more integral role in collaborative treatment and training.


Better results come through better data, and better data relies on proper collection, storage, and analysis of accurate, informed, and useful information. Binovi is the foundation for collecting, collating, and using that information.

Through all aspects of the Binovi Platform, the focus is on collecting and presenting relevant data to practitioners and their clients. Binovi Coach collects completion and survey data from clients to help inform practitioners on how well they are progressing. Binovi Pro collates data from activities/exercises and Binovi Touch alongside notes from the care team to help build a clear and detailed model for each individual client. Using Microsoft’s Azure Databricks infrastructure, Binovi is also able to review anonymized data across clients, across organizations, and across disciplines to measure overall results and present high-level information clearly and concisely.

Together the 4 pillars of Binovi help support a vibrant and engaged community of vision therapists and sports vision trainers, and their clients, in raising the bar on vision care, vision performance, and key vision skills. Ultimately, Binovi improves the outcomes of all its users.

How Binovi Works

For Sports Vision Practices

Sports vision trainers now have at their disposal an ideal set of tools to test, train, and track performance. When thousandths of a second, or fractions of an inch, are what separate the best from the rest, having accurate and comprehensive data is key. Finding the limit, and helping athletes push past that limit, is where Binovi is the ideal training companion.

Binovi Pro and Binovi Touch work together for athletes and their trainers to collect and organize real-time data and test results, providing insight into the progress made —and progress to make— by each athlete.

For Vision Therapy Practices

Vision therapists and optometrists using Binovi Pro are able to stay on track as a vision care team and ensure that each patient has their test and treatment results properly catalogued and organized in such a way that treatment plans and decisions can be made quickly and accurately.

Therapists use Binovi Pro to track data, assign custom-tailored home therapy plans and activities to patients, and monitor outcomes at micro and macro levels. Using Binovi Coach, patients can review their prescribed therapy, ensuring they are completing activities correctly. They can also report back on how their treatment is progressing, and stay in contact with their care team at all times.

In conjunction with Binovi Coach, Binovi practitioners have access to Binovi Kit, a collection of tools and materials needed for patients to complete many of their home therapy activities correctly.

Who Uses Binovi?

Binovi is currently in use in over 100 vision therapy or sports vision performance practices around the world. These organizations range from small, independent sports training facilities specializing in a handful of clients to large vision therapy practices over multiple locations throughout an entire state!

Binovi is also in use at several colleges and universities as part of their varsity sports training programs.

We do regular Binovi Live Training Webinar sessions to give new and prospective clients an overview on what Binovi is, what it can do, and who it can best benefit! Follow along with a recorded overview session!

Where Binovi is Headed

Binovi continues to grow. Development is underway to bring the Speed of Stereopsis test to the Binovi Touch App, bringing a new diagnostic and assessment tool to both vision therapists and sports vision performance trainers. This exercise is an excellent and quick way of determining if a person has a potential issue with convergence, depth perception, or eye teaming.

Also under development is a new version of the balance board accessory originally made for the Wayne Saccadic Fixator. The new wireless balance board will incorporate a full gyroscopic sensor and be available as a standalone item and as an accessory for most Binovi Touch activities. Together, these tools expand the possibilities surrounding the Binovi Platform.

Get On Board

Binovi Pro and Binovi Coach are available now to vision therapy practices associated with any of the major optometric associations around the world, and Binovi Touch is available to the general public (along with the Binovi Touch App). Joining Binovi and getting your own Binovi Touch are both easy. Join the Binovi community today and see what Binovi can do for you.