Get to Know: ePubs + Binovi Academy

Explore ePubs as part of Binovi Academy


Everybody loves a good book, but sometimes you need more than that. Using today’s technology, we’re able to create some fantastic new content formats that can enhance the way we connect with and consume information. Binovi lives on that technological edge, and one of our goals has been to make consuming and retaining information simple and enjoyable. To that end, we developed Binovi Academy and our library of premium education modules in the form of e-books, all built right into Binovi Pro.

What is Binovi Academy?

Binovi Academy is an ePub-based content delivery system tightly integrated into Binovi Pro in the form of an interactive, multimedia e-book with additional Binovi Pro content such as sports vision training and therapy protocols as well as video-based activity sets, test configurations, and more. It represents our commitment to providing educational content for our clients that impacts their theoretical and practical knowledge base directly and forms the educational hub of the Binovi Platform.

Working with a pool of knowledgeable experts and industry leaders and influencers, we have created a collection of interactive, multi-media e-books that bring rich content and an engaging experience to readers. This expert knowledge is supplemented and integrated with software and hardware tie-ins. Binovi Academy content packs include testing and therapy protocols and pre-set activities for Binovi Pro, as well as custom test configurations for Binovi Touch, and more. Binovi Academy helps tie together the four pillars of the Binovi Platform and aims to bring as much new information, tools, and techniques to users as possible.

What is an ePub?

Initially released in 2007, the EPUB format is an e-book file format supported by most e-reader applications and devices for desktops, smartphones, and tablets. The EPUB3 standard is supported by the largest number of hardware e-book readers and by the Book Industry Study Group.

An ePub contains a number of different files and formats, but is centered around HTML content files linking to videos, photos, and audio tracks, all supported by an underlying XML structure. As an ePub is HTML-based, many web technologies can be integrated to round out the multimedia experience: CSS3 animation and interactive javascript applications can be embedded to support and expand functionality.

ePub -vs- PDF

New interactive PDF files can contain a wide array of multimedia items such as video content and hyperlinks, but are ultimately still lacking in genuine interactivity. The ePub format allows Binovi Academy to include interactive tools and content to enhance the learning experience by encouraging readers to explore and experiment, providing added engagement. The addition of javascript content also allows for additional functionality, including specialized video players and gamification.

ePubs in Binovi Academy

Binovi Academy leverages ePubs for three main reasons: multimedia content, interactivity, and integration.

Multimedia Content

As outlined above, the ability to include video content is key. Our goal is to make Binovi Academy ePubs as engaging as possible and provide added context and content whenever we can. To that end, we rely heavily on video content to help round out content and provide a different way for users to learn. The only downside to including video content is size: video files, especially HD-quality video files, are big; they require large amounts of storage and can take a long time to download depending on the user’s connection. Getting around this is done through streaming video, of which Binovi Pro already takes full advantage with activities and protocols. The same technology is used to ensure that ePubs in Binovi Academy download quickly and don’t take up much-needed space on the iPad.


The second main reason for ePubs in Binovi Academy is interactivity: being able to host small miniature applications inside the ePub itself. In the case, for example, of the Binovi Training ePub for Binovi Touch (included by default for all Binovi Pro users), this interactivity is used to its fullest extent to demonstrate the activities and protocols built into Binovi Touch, and allows the user the opportunity to explore these activities in depth, at their own pace. Similarly, in other parts of all the Binovi Training manuals, users are able to review aspects of the apps in guided step-by-step instructions.


Finally, ePubs in Binovi Academy include integration with Binovi Pro features: some education modules come bundled with activities and protocols that relate directly to the educational content included in the module, and others are slated to include preset configurations for Binovi Touch. By packaging practical tools like activities and protocols with an educational tool like ePubs together in our software, Binovi Academy helps bring together the 4 pillars of Binovi in a very tangible way.

Available Now

The current ePub content Library includes educational modules from Stefan Collier’s Introduction to Functional Syntonic Optometry, Patti Andrich’s Primitive Reflexes; Vol 1, and Dr. Robert Sanet’s and Dr. Leonard Press’ The Sanet Vision Seminars: Optometric Evaluation of Vision Performance. In addition, all Binovi Pro users have access to Binovi Training, a collection of ePubs that guide users, step-by-step, through the applications that make up the Binovi Platform.

Adding ePubs for your Organization

To add an ePub to an organization, visit Binovi Admin and select “Store” from the navigation. There, users can review which education modules are available to them and purchase them for their organization.