In Tribute to Dr. Selwyn Super

March 23, 2020

It is with a heavy heart that the Eyecarrot team shares the passing of our Chief Scientific Director, Dr. Selwyn Super. Dr. Super was the catalyst in the founding of Eyecarrot, and was the visionary that helped guide and direct our efforts from very early on.

A Legacy of Scientific Leadership

It was a chance encounter with Dr. Super that lead Eyecarrot Founder and CEO Adam Cegielski to begin our journey towards better human performance through better vision: our ambitious goal was to create an organization that could empower clinicians to change the way we understand, care for, treat, and approach vision. Fondly, Adam noted “It was Dr. Super who encouraged us to work with —and acquire— Wayne Engineering, the basis for Binovi Touch”.

Dr. Super’s active involvement, work, and insights were instrumental in formulating both our short- and long-term goals and strategy. Together, they have ensured that our foundations are anchored in a global perspective of research and practice working together. It is Dr. Super’s life’s work and core concepts that fuel our Binovi platform and we have been humbled and grateful for his guidance.

Beyond his accomplishments as a specialist in the field of behavioral- and neuro-optometry, neurocognitive development, binocular vision, and educational psychology, it’s Dr. Super’s passion and belief in human potential that made us all into believers. Dr. Super fits every possible description of what it means to be a visionary. He will be sorely missed.

Dr. Selwyn Super was Emeritus Professor in Optometry from the University of Johannesburg, and in Psychology from the University of Southern California and was a Post-doctoral fellow in Multivariate Neurocognitive Development, and graduated cum laude in remedial education, and educational psychology with a masters dissertation: The Influence of a Readiness Program on the Perceptual Development of the First Grader, and a doctoral dissertation: Stereopsis and its Educational Significance.

Dr. Super was the founding Dean of Optometry at the Rand Afrikaans University, and is a diplomate in Pediatrics, Binocular Vision and Perception of the American Academy of Optometry, an Academic Fellow of the College of Optometry in Vision Development, and was an Associate Director of the Optometric Extension Program, and has also served as the curriculum director of the Neuro-Optometric Rehabilitation Association.

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