Industry Leader, Binovi Technologies, Announces Upcoming Release of Binovi Connect App

December 5, 2020

[Toronto, New York] Binovi Technologies Corp., (Binovi) (TSX-V:VISN | OTCQB:BNVIF), a leader in neuro-vision performance technology, is redefining the delivery of its vision based cognitive training SaaS through the launch of Binovi Connect, a web-based video conferencing app solution that leverages the Best-In-Class SaaS to provide remote telehealth capabilities. Binovi Connect provides the opportunity for the Company to compete and offer care in any market in the world, hyper-scaling its growth through the optimization of its provider network (over 800 registered providers), and facilitating care to individuals from the classroom or the comfort of home. Binovi Connect enables users to connect with vision care professionals focused on concussion, reading skills, athletic enhancement. The company has invested over $6M into product development and is well positioned to take its Global Expert Network and make them available to the millions of people that need their help now.

“There is a great demand for healthcare services through digital platforms, amplified by the restrictions brought on by COVID-19. Professionals are looking for evidence-based, outcome-oriented solutions that offer virtual health resources for their patients, while patients are looking for a vision care experience comparable to in-person visits. Binovi Connect will allow us to scale our reach and service offering globally.”

Adam Cegielski, Binovi CEO.

The global telehealth user community has become increasingly dependent on agile solutions that are intuitive and reliable; ease-of-use and performance are critical qualities of video service adoption. Leading contributors to telehealth SaaS include CloudMD (TSXV:DOC), IBM Corporation (NYSE:IBM), Cerner Corporation (NASDAQ:CERN), Intel Corporation (NASDAQ:INTC), Cisco Systems (NASDAQ:CSCO), Medtronic PLC (NYSE:MDT). Strategic telehealth industry partnerships and collaborations will enable providers to gain a significant edge with service offerings. The Binovi Platform resources are compatible with a variety of software and hardware support solutions.  The company is expecting to launch a Beta version of the app by fiscal Q1 2021.

The company is currently targeting the 50m+ students currently enrolled in K-12 Education in North America, of which approximately 20% have undetected binocular vision problems. Binovi Connect will allow users to get the benefit of quick screening, immediate optometric evaluation, and training and therapy.  Recent global events relating to COVID-19 have forced healthcare providers to re-imagine the care model with remote care as a viable solution. 

“We are very excited to offer this leading solution as a standard feature to all of our relationships. We strive to connect users with our vast global provider network through this pandemic and beyond.”

Terry Booth, Binovi Executive Chairman

Providing the ultimate in flexibility for both providers and users, Binovi Connect allows users to browse through the entire Binovi provider network, selecting providers that meet their medical needs, performance goals, personal preferences, budget and scheduling sessions that work with their schedule.

Binovi Connect will enable school boards —in collaboration with vision specialists— to conduct screening as part of the curriculum, identifying and addressing potential issues before they can manifest as difficulties or impairments. Binovi Connect’s goal is to link knowledgeable vision care providers with patients, broadening the reach for practitioners and improving accessibility for patients. This solution will ultimately expand upon the company’s existing SaaS offering, providing greater flexibility between in-clinic and remote care appointments.

“Binovi uses cutting-edge technology and an innovative approach to bring a telehealth solution to market, comprised of a suite of tools, including testing, training, and education for vision care providers around the world. With Binovi Connect, we are bringing all this functionality to our end users —students, athletes, vision therapy and concussion patients— mediated by our network of specialists – all remotely.”

Sam Mithani PhD, Binovi CTO.

Binovi Connect Providers will be able to:

  • Set own schedule and manage practice in one place
  • Expand client base by reaching out to new clients
  • Binovi Pro and Binovi Coach integration and compatibility
  • Access Binovi Academy eLearning content
  • Conduct assessments, capture activity data, and therapy / training exercises remotely
  • Offer one-on-one or group sessions to reach even more people!
  • Collaborate with other specialists to provide the best testing, training, and treatment possible
  • Capture and review diagnostic, training, and milestone data on each user

Binovi Connect users will be able to:

  • Easily schedule vision training and vision therapy to fit their schedule
  • Get vision care and training from the comfort of home
  • Save time —and money— with an array of options from different providers
  • Get the best possible care from collaborating specialists all in one place
  • Work with world-renowned experts in their field, regardless of location or time-zone
  • Learn about the various aspects of your visual system with eLearning options
  • Meet face-to-face without the need for travel
  • Own their data
  • Be in control of vision performance, from start to finish

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