Moving forward into 2021 – A letter from Binovi Executive Chairman Terry Booth and CEO Adam Cegielski

December 30, 2020

Terry Booth

Adam Cegielski
Founder + CEO

The new year is upon us, and while we may not be celebrating quite the same way we normally would, this time of year does give us an opportunity to reflect on the last 12 months and appreciate how far we’ve come.

Back in March, we outlined the steps the Binovi Team was taking in light of the growing concerns of the COVID-19 pandemic, and we’re happy to report that, despite some initial growing pains and a bump or two in the road, the transition has been largely seamless. Our team continues to work largely from home, and work continues on a number of projects in all departments. We’re still working hard to ensure we can bring you the best possible products and service we can to help you —regardless of whether you’re a vision care provider, a sports vision trainer, or a patient or athlete.

COVID-19 aside, much has changed since that spring check-in. In May, we welcomed our new Executive Chairman, Terry Booth, to the company, and initiated our plans to bring our Noble and Global vision for Binovi into the education space, with the goal of being able to screen and coordinate care for the approximately 20% of students K-8 who suffer from an undiagnosed vision issue.

This year also brought the acquisition of VIMA, makers of the VIMA Rev strobes for sports and tactical applications, bringing another hardware offering to the Binovi Platform. Our development team is hard at work on the full integration of VIMA products into the Binovi software you know and love.

We recently announced the development of another new product for the Binovi Platform, in the form of Binovi Connect. This web-based video conferencing app will allow prospective patients and vision care providers to connect through Binovi, perform screening tests, and determine whether vision therapy is warranted. Our goal is to launch Binovi Connect to the general public early next year, and to use proprietary software to help screen not only individuals, but to incorporate vision screening, testing, and therapy to the educational curriculum for students to help bolster reading skills and success in the classroom and in life.

Most recently, we announced the acquisition of Visual Efficiency Rating (VERA) technology, a proven screen-based screening tool designed specifically for children and teens to help identify and classify vision-related issues beyond simple visual acuity issues. VERA will be integrated directly into Binovi Connect, making for a simple, streamlined, and easy-to-use remote testing process.

Part of our work in advancing and expanding on the expert knowledge of Binovi involves creating key relationships with specialists and experts in their fields, and this year’s progress has been nothing short of spectacular. In April, we teamed up with Eli Wilson Goaltending to bring Binovi to his hockey goaltending schools and camps, already world-renowned for their results. We also brought on Dr. Leonard Press, a long-time Binovi advocate, as Chief Scientific Officer to lead our Scientific Advisory Board. Working alongside Dr. Press are new advisors Dr. Sandra Stoddard and Dr. Jason Dyck, experts in their own rights. This amazing team was joined in November by Dr. Susan Barry and in December by Dr. Michael Gallaway to help drive our resources in the right direction

As part of our commitment to expert knowledge, we were proud to welcome Olympic and World Champion Jennifer Botterill to the Binovi Performance Advisory Board. We’re also working with Dr. David Boynton, a coach, chiropractor, and athlete, who will be working with the team here at Binovi to bring sport-specific training programs to the Platform.

Finally, we’ve announced that we’ll be partnering with Babe Ruth League to provide sports vision training to their more than 1 million youth athletes in the United States. As the Official Provider of Health Programming for Babe Ruth League, we’ll be providing players, coaches, and umpires with vision screening, and the necessary tools and services they’ll need to increase awareness of, and treat, vision-related deficiencies.

It’s been a busy year, and there’s still a lot to come and a lot going on behind the scenes that we’re very excited to share with everyone shortly. We want to ensure that we’re prepared to tackle 2021 with a renewed sense of purpose and an even greater drive. On behalf of Terry and the rest of the Binovi Team, I hope that everyone is staying safe and doing the best they can, and look forward to being able to interact with everyone in person soon.

We’re looking forward to what’s ahead of us in 2021, and invite you to join us.

Adam Cegielski, Founder and CEO

A Special Thank You to Our Supporting Partners

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