My Journey with Eyecarrot

August 23, 2018

Patti Andrich —Eyecarrot Advisor and occupational therapist— talks about what lead her to joining the Eyecarrot Team.

If you have ever met me, you know that It is obvious that I have a passion for changing lives through vision therapy. Other than being a parent of 4 great boys, being a vision therapist is the most rewarding thing I have ever done. That’s why I am so excited to be working with the Eyecarrot Team.

I remember having met Adam Cegielski, founder of Eyecarrot and his partners, at a COVD meeting a few years ago. I was impressed with this inspirational VT father and entrepreneur. Some of our best ideas have come from those we serve! Eyecarrot’s original idea was to eliminate lost papers and confusion about how to practice home exercises. The idea was to create a video app demonstrating vision training exercises with clear concise instructions. Eyecarrot’s vision was to help make vision therapy accessible to people all around the world.

To turn his dream into reality, Adam started with his own son. While watching his son flourish as he gained vision skills, Adam also noted the struggles good vision therapy practices faced. He began listening to the needs of doctors and knew he could help make a difference. He learned about the challenges that Behavioral Optometrists face in providing services. As Adam learned more, he came to understand that private practice doctors work around the clock to meet the needs of their office staff while simultaneously working to meet the needs of their clients. Adam and his partners also had ideas about how to make vision therapy more fun and more successful in the home.

There was no turning around, Adam went forward with his dream and created the Eyecarrot team by recruiting the smartest technology developers, well-known doctors, financial backing philanthropists, and even a Hollywood producer to build the infrastructure. Together the Eyecarrot team has innovated the Binovi Platform. A cyber place where behavioral optometry can share and protect our most precious intellectual resources, within our behavioral optometry access only, community. The unique platform provides our behavioral optometry family a social-media-like method for educating doctors and therapists around the world. It also streamlines communication with staff members and patients. Binovi helps doctors monitor their patients; improves home compliance; and reduces family arguments and frustrations about how to perform home exercises through clear video instructions. Private practices say that Eyecarrot’s Binovi has improved the quality of care their office provides, and families say that the app gives them confidence that vision therapy can help. The Binovi platform has accomplished all of this with a feeling of, as Dr. Paul Harris stated, “gamification”.

It is an honor to be invited to share my knowledge about vision therapy and reflex integration through the Binovi App. As Binovi grows, more doctors and therapists will be adding their content to the educational library. Practices will grow, and more patients will be served, in more places around the world. Together we are making a difference!

Learn more about how primitive reflex integration and postural control development can improve a person’s vision skills today.

Primitive Reflexes Module 1 Teaser

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