Optometry Professionals

Binovi Pro

Binovi Pro is the central hub of our Binovi platform.
Combine our extensive library with your own custom activities to create and prescribe individualized home therapy plans that sync automatically with Binovi Coach.



Create an individualized home therapy plan tailored to each patient’s needs using our Binovi Library, or add your own practice’s activities!

Track + Analyze

Individualized data for each patient is available to their entire care team and collected data is reviewable and actionable in the short, medium, and long term.

Learn + Train

Learn from the pros: Binovi Academy contains a growing number of resources available to expand your skillset and activity collection.


Secure communication within your organization and patients at all times to plan, coordinate, collaborate, and execute efficiently and effectively.

Binovi Benefits for Professionals


Individualized, up-to-date care plans available to the whole team mean each patient is getting the absolute best and most accurate treatment for their needs.

Consistency + Accountability

Consistent instructions across the board ensure everyone is on the same page, from the patient to the therapist to the optometrist. Keep tabs on patients and staff with activity tracking and logging.


No longer deal with binders and printouts! Make updates to patient plans and records from anywhere, quickly and easily. Expand your patient network!


Best-in-class data visualization and tracking allows you to review patient history and activity at a glance across your organization, or in-depth on a per-patient basis to gain insight on trends, capabilities, and response

Binovi Touch

A purposeful and powerful tool for vision therapy and vision training, Binovi Touch is the result of over 30 years of experience in over 1,500 practices in over 20 countries around the world on children, athletes, and seniors resolving issues from development, to performance, to rehabilitation.

Ready to Go

Get started treating and testing patients right away with proven activity sets existing users will find immediately familiar.


Multiple devices mean more ways to test and push the limits. Connecting multiple Binovi Touch devices greatly expands the possibilities for patients and athletes.

Clear + Easy

Your controller is your manual: activities are described and previewed in the Binovi Touch App, meaning there’s never a doubt about what you’re getting your patients to do.

Track + Analyze

Saved patient data from Binovi Touch provides a wealth of analytical information about an individual patient’s progress and about overall users results using AI. (Coming soon!)

Patient & Professional Testimonials

  • Since we started using the Binovi Pro program we are better able to track the real effort being put in by our patients at home. Both our therapists and our patients like being able to message back and forth right within the program because we can more quickly respond to questions or concerns they may have in doing an activity. Initiating all new programs into the office brings a few hiccups but once we worked through those, we are pleased to say it’s improving our overall efficiency!

  • Binovi has been a game changer for our busy practice. It has fundamentally shifted the way we think about programming home therapy for our patients. The app is easy to use and the Binovi support staff are always available to answer questions and handle any issues that arise quickly. Adam and his team are very open to feedback and are committed to providing the best possible interface between doctors and their therapy patients.

  • We always strive to provide the best, most up-to-date care for our patients. Binovi is a powerful vision therapy tool, including patient interaction, data collection, and professional education. Eyecarrot works non-stop to adapt and improve Binovi to optometrist’s needs.

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