Our Super Visionary

October 16, 2014

The term “visionary” has multiple connotations that couldn’t be further from one another both in terms of their meaning or purpose. A visionary can be someone with intelligent foresight who shares a compelling viewpoint of the future. It can refer to someone more spiritual, something that a prophet or poet could imagine or see through a dream. Lastly, it can be used as a term to describe a utopian type of reality, one that’s removed from logic and practicality. What’s so interesting about all of these terms is that they are invariably visual and illustrative in their descriptions, yet have little or nothing to do with our eyes themselves. The term itself reminds us that vision isn’t only about what we’re able to see with our eyes, but what our minds are able to imagine and perceive.

“He fits every possible description of what it means to be a visionary.”

When investigating how to revolutionize the way that we think about, monitor and approach treatment within the vision sciences, we at Eyecarrot knew that we needed to connect with a visionary whose academic and professional expertise was as rich and multifaceted as the definition itself. After an exhaustive research and investigation, we discovered the work of Dr. Selwyn Super. Beyond his accomplishments as a specialist in the field of behavioral and neuro-optometry, neurocognitive development, binocular vision and educational psychology, it’s Dr. Super’s passion and belief in human potential to heal itself both physically and socially that made us all into believers. Somehow, Dr. Super fits every possible description of what it means to be a visionary.

In order to achieve our ambitions as an organization through to change the way we understand, care for, treat and approach the vision sciences, we did not simply acquire Dr. Super’s intellectual property, but we humbly agreed to his appointment as our Chief Scientific Director. Dr. Super’s active involvement in formulating both our immediate and long term strategy will ensure that Eyecarrot’s foundations are anchored in a global perspective of research and practice. It is Dr. Super’s life work and core concepts that fuel our binovi platform and we’re excited by the opportunity to weave his belief in the power of self examination, determination and potential to everything we do.

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