Binovi Coach

A coach ignites passion, motivates, and works with people to help them achieve their goals.
Binovi Coach encourages and empowers patients to confidently complete their prescribed home therapy with clarity and guidance.


Personalized Plan

Home therapy plans are tailored to each individual patient, with different activities assigned based on need and ability.
Parents can keep track of multiple children using the same app and account though Profile Switching, making home therapy a family activity, and promoting compliance.

Multimedia Instructions

Each activity comes with high quality multimedia instructions recorded by top vision therapy experts to help patients complete them perfectly.
No more guesswork or hunting for accessories – Binovi Coach includes a handy Metronome and Timer built right into the app.

Long Term Goals

Results don’t happen overnight. Binovi Coach logs home therapy activity for the care team and stores past home therapy plans for reference and so that patients can see how far they’ve come.

Always Connected

Patients are in constant contact with their care team through secure messaging and real-time home therapy plan updates.

Binovi Benefits for Patients


Individualized, up-to-date care plans mean each patient is getting the absolute best and most accurate treatment for their needs.


Home therapy activities are clearly outlined and understood, ensuring that patients are completing their assigned therapy properly and effectively, shortening engagement time.


Session tracking allow both patients and their care team to stay on top of progress and ensure compliance with the prescribed plan even outside the office.


Bringing home therapy into the 21st century, patient plans are conveniently available on the patient’s mobile device at all times,

Binovi Kit

Everything you need to get started, all in one package.
We’ve assembled Binovi Kit, a comprehensive collection of industry-standard materials and equipment used to complement home therapy activities.

In partnership with Bernell —the largest distributor of vision therapy supplies in North America— we’ve assembled a convenient kit of standard equipment with which therapists and patients are already familiar. Binovi Kit is designed to be paired with Binovi Coach and Binovi Pro, as the activities in the apps are listed and demonstrated with the same materials.

Our goal with Binovi Kit was to make a comprehensive package that was ready to go, right out of the box, with everything patients need to complete most home therapy activities, ensuring that patients have all their materials, all the time, all the while keeping it affordable for clinics to make available to their patients. Save time and money, and empower patients.

Binovi Kit is only available to vision therapy professionals registered with Binovi.

Patient Testimonials

  • It’s much easier: I can see the activities in the video and the written instructions are very easy to understand. I have no doubt now which steps to follow in all my activities, and it allows me to be in contact with the therapists and ask them any questions that I have and I know they will answer me. I am very happy!

  • I like the note feature to contact the therapist. I also love to be able to go back and look at description of activity in case I forget how to do it. It is easy to keep track of how long my child does the activity each night and easy to follow up after therapy session is complete.

  • It’s been very useful. Sometimes I got confused with the therapy activities at home and I felt like I was doing it wrong, but now I love the app. I used to fight with my kid on how to do the activities at home but with the videos there are no more questions and we follow along. My husband and I are very happy with the app.

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