Racing to the Front with Formula 4 Driver Valdemar Eriksen

March 12, 2019

Valdemar Eriksen is a young racing driver with a dream of breaking into Formula 1. While only 16 years of age, Valdemar has already made a considerable name for himself in Formula 4 and the karting circuits. In his rookie season of the Danish Formula 4 Championship, he finished with 18 top-5 finishes (surpassed only by the eventual champion) including 6 podium appearances, landing him 4th overall.

As part of his development, Valdemar is working with renowned optometrist Steen Aalberg (F.COVD). Dr Aalberg has been in private practice since 1986 and a COVD Fellow since 1995, and has been awarded the Armand Bastien Memorial Award from ICBO (2010) for significant international accomplishments in the field. His work is primarily focused on education, vision training, and remediation and rehabilitation of functional visual problems, including those caused by brain injury.

Tracking Valdemar’s results on Binovi Touch

To help Valdemar accomplish his training goals, Dr. Aalberg’s plan revolves around the use of Binovi Touch as a training tool to improve Valdemar’s brain-body connection, focusing specifically on binocularity and coordination, skills essential for a racecar driver. While Valdemar is already very accomplished and obviously very in-tune with his abilities, early evaluations show that there is still some room for improvement in binocular vision, which should help him see the track and react to racing conditions more quickly and accurately.

Binovi Touch will allow Dr. Aalberg to perfectly tailor Valdemar’s training regimen to target very specific aspects of his vision, ensuring that even the smallest gains to be made are achieved — and surpassed. By combining specific, focused testing and training with more broad activities Valdemar’s vision, coordination, and reaction times will improve, hopefully leading to faster lap times and more podium finishes. We look forward to working with both Dr. Aalberg and Valdemar, and will watch his career —and journey to Formula 1— with great interest!

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