Sanet Vision Seminar Series

The Sanet Vision Seminar Series Education Module is a unique blend of Dr. Robert Sanet’s internationally acclaimed Sanet Vision Seminar Series, a 5-part seminar series on Powerful Optometric Vision Therapy complemented and enhanced with original commentary on each seminar from Dr. Leonard Press. The synergy created by the collaboration between Dr. Sanet and Dr. Press is apparent in every aspect of this exciting new product, now available for the first time.

“Binovi’s team of professional videographers lead by Survivor Producer Joe Lia have captured the essence of my seminars and Dr. Press’s amazingly insightful commentary into a visually appealing and stimulating ePub product. The high quality graphics enable the user to appreciate the material in unprecedented detail that maximizes the educational experiences and enhances the breadth of clinical applications.”

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We’ve assembled a one-stop information package to help you understand exactly what’s included in the Sanet Vision Seminar Series, what you can expect from it, and how you can get it for your practice.

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Please note that no refunds will be given for a subscription once the online course has been accessed or completed.

Benefits for your office

Expert Knowledge

Dr. Press has transcribed the entire five weekends of Sanet Seminar topics and guides the viewer toward optimal application of the material through added insights, highlights, and references.

Always at hand

Always available, 24-7, 365, for review or to revisit the material in an organized and structured way for ongoing reference. You’ll always have the entire Seminar in your hands as part of Binovi Pro.

Interactive + Multimedia

New optometrists and therapists will find the format appealing in learning from two of the acknowledged masters in the field, as well as capturing the flavor of a live seminar.

Continuing Education / COPE

Use the Sanet Seminar in your practice as a group to study and learn. COPE credit is pending to provide users with the opportunity to earn continuing education credits.

Read about Dr. Leonard Press’ journey through optometry to vision therapy, and get an overview of what’s included in each section of the Sanet Vision Seminar Series.

Frequently Asked Questions

Binovi Academy on its own is included with your Binovi Pro Service Hosting Fee. This recurring fee (monthly or annual, depending on your Binovi plan) covers the cost of hosting and providing the content for Binovi. As part and parcel to this, organizations get access to their Binovi account through HIPAA-certified Microsoft Azure infrastructure: this secure system also hosts our cloud streaming content, ensuring secure access to content, included streaming photos and videos, at all times.

Each of our premium education modules can be purchased separately through Binovi Admin: to add them to your own Binovi Academy library, visit the Store inside Binovi Admin and see what is available and what is included.

Binovi uses a 2-step registration process designed to ensure proper access to valuable content. Binovi content is only available to optometrists and vision therapists affiliated with one of our recognized partners to ensure that only those qualified to deliver vision therapy are able to access the content and tools included in the platform.

In addition, the Sanet Vision Seminar Series is locked to your practice’s location and is accessible only from an iPad while at the office.

This protection of knowledge and intellectual property ensures that patients receive the absolute best quality care from the most qualified providers.

Subscribers to the Binovi Platform get to choose their own experience: choose what parts of Binovi work best for your needs!

About Binovi Academy

Learn with Binovi

Binovi Academy represents our commitment to providing educational content for our clients that impacts their theoretical and practical knowledge base directly. We’re proud to be able to leverage our technology to deliver some amazing content by leading experts.

What is Binovi Academy?

Binovi Academy forms the educational hub of the Binovi Platform. Working with a pool of knowledgeable experts and industry leaders and influencers, we have created a collection of interactive, multi-media e-books that bring rich content and an engaging experience to readers. This expert knowledge is supplemented and integrated with software and hardware tie-ins. Binovi Academy content packs include testing and therapy protocols and pre-set activities for Binovi Pro, as well as custom test configurations for Binovi Touch, and more. Binovi Academy helps tie together the four pillars of the Binovi Platform and aims to bring as much new information, tools, and techniques to users as possible.

The Binovi Academy Library

Binovi Academy currently features a premium educational module from Ocupational Therapist Patti Andrich covering primitive reflexes which includes a collection of her primitive reflex activities for Binovi Pro, and now the Dr. Robert Sanet educational seminar Optometric Evaluation of Vision Performance. Work is underway to deliver more of this premium interactive educational content to users.

Binovi Training

Binovi Academy is also home to Binovi Training, the training manuals that guide users through the ins and outs of Binovi Pro, Binovi Coach, and the Binovi Touch App.

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