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Binovi for Sports Vision Training

While much of the research in sports in the last few decades has focused on nutrition and bio-mechanics, the work has been done largely without changes to the visual system, leaving potential performance improvements on the table. Sports Vision Training is how we can help tailor that visual system, and those that rely on it, to improve performance in athletes across all sports, and all positions.

Binovi Touch

A purposeful and powerful tool for vision therapy and vision training, Binovi Touch is the result of over 30 years of experience in over 20 countries around the world on children, athletes, and seniors resolving issues from development, to performance, to rehabilitation.

Binovi Touch Features


Connected through Bluetooth to the Binovi Touch iPad app, a single iPad can control any number of Binovi Touch devices! Launch the Binovi Touch App from Binovi Pro to record patient data directly to their profile and track their progress.


Tried-and-tested vision therapy and vision performance activities from the Wayne Saccadic Fixator have already been ported to the new Binovi Touch.


Completely customizable tests can drill down into specific aspects of a patient’s vision skills, or can be broadened to get a bigger picture of how they are progressing.


An ever-growing range of new accessories to be used with the new Touch are currently under development, designed for seamless integration with Binovi Touch and the Binovi Touch App, including a number of 3rd-party devices such as heart-rate monitors.

Binovi Benefits for Athletes + Trainers

Ready to Go

Get started treating and testing patients right away with proven activity sets existing users will find immediately familiar.


Multiple devices mean more ways to test and push the limits. Connecting multiple Binovi Touch devices greatly expands the possibilities for patients and athletes.

Clear + Easy

Your controller is your manual: activities are described and previewed in the Binovi Touch App, meaning there’s never a doubt about what you’re getting your patients to do.

Track + Analyze

Saved patient data from Binovi Touch provides a wealth of analytical information about an individual patient’s progress and about overall users results using AI. (Coming soon!)

Binovi Touch in Action


Bluetooth Connectivity

Integrated Sports Training


Peripheral Awareness
Monocular Training
Near / Far Training
Balance Training

High Performance Testimonials

  • My experience with Binovi Touch has been extremely positive: This device has taken the previous Saccadic Fixator and drastically improved the control, options, and usability from every perspective. With Binovi’s use of an iPad to control settings and programs, we have almost unlimited possibilities for our clients.

  • Thank you for the great equipment! Thanks to Binovi and with the help of my trainer Gilberto Gonzales, my hand-eye reaction time has improved and I’m feeling the benefits in the ring. Binovi Touch has definitely upped my game: I’m ready for the fight!

  • Binovi Touch is definitely helping my camp and my training going into the Pan-Am Games. I trust it to continue helping me going into the World Championships later this year! Thank you so much.

  • The game of soccer can be heavily impacted by the different components of an athlete’s eye; visual acuity, depth perception, “blind spots”, visual recognition, and hand eye coordination. With Binovi Touch, vision training will become a tremendous asset for each athlete and it will help to enhance their game on the field.

  • We’re happy to collaborate with Eyecarrot! We’ve made Binovi part of our new neuro/ocular training Facility

  • This new “old” training tool (Binovi Touch) has really up’ed its game so that we can up the game for the athlete. This device is starting to be installed in professional sports locker rooms under the guidance of  Sports Vision ODs all around the country. There is now a wonderful opportunity for OD’s to get involved in sports vision

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