Taking Vision Technology to a High-Performance Level

March 9, 2020

Eyecarrot is making waves!

The Eyecarrot Team has been hard at work designing and developing new ways to test, track, and improve vision skills using the Binovi Platform. Our work with optometrists and their patients has provided insights into the issues that plague key vision skills and how they can have a tremendous effect on overall human performance.

With that in mind, we’ve been working closely with those to whom peak performance is paramount: athletes and their training staff. We have a number of teams and groups now signed on as Binovi Partners to help develop and perfect training protocols for athletes, and to give our optometry partners a new set of tools to help grow their practices.


BTV – Bloomberg

Last week we were featured in a BTV-Business Television video article exploring companies using innovation to drive success. With the ongoing development of the Binovi Platform —our hardware- and software-based platform— we’re working tirelessly to improve reliability and expand the capabilities of all aspects of each product.

“This feature from BTV has really cemented Eyecarrot as an innovation-first company and we hope to use that mentality and drive to further our success and expand our clientele.”

Adam Cegielski, Founder + CEO



Founder and CEO Adam Cegielski was in Vancouver a few weeks ago to speak with Proactive‘s Steve Darling about our shift towards helping sports trainers and professional athletes, and improving human performance with the help of our network of optometry experts.

We’re looking forward to new expanded features that will help both patient care teams, athletic trainers and their athletes get even more out of Binovi, from new tests and activities, new organizational tools, and full-fledged data capture and reporting, granting deeper insights into vision skills, vision impairments, and overall human performance.

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