Teaming up with proven coaching

June 8, 2020

There’s a reason we called one of our apps Binovi Coach: a coach is there to guide you, motivate you, inspire you, and help you achieve your goals. That was what we have always strived to create with the Binovi Platform as a whole.

But coaches need help too. They need the right experience and expertise, the right people, and the right tools to get the results they —and their athletes— need. In many cases, coaches are former players, and come by their know-how the hard way, or they may be those who have surrounded themselves with the right collection of people, and learned through them. In any case, the right tools can mean all the difference when it comes to not only imparting their accumulated knowledge, but can also be the difference in how athletes actually perform and improve.

While we work with a number of organizations big and small across vision therapy, optometry and sports, there is always going to be that lynchpin partnership that helps us take a big step forward. That’s why we’ve partnered with Eli Wilson and the Eli Wilson Goaltending program, to pair some of the best expertise in hockey and coaches with a proven track record, with the Binovi Platform.

Working together, our goal is to help improve two big things: For one, we want to make hockey goaltenders better, and for two, we want to help Eli and his team be better coaches, by providing them with the best possible tools so that they can improve not only the vision skills and oculomotor performance of their athletes, but so that they can also improve the ways in which they deliver their knowledge and training.

By the numbers

Eli Wilson Goaltending has been instrumental in the development of players seeking to make their way to the upper echelons of hockey. In short, that means dozens of National Hockey League (NHL) goaltenders, over 50 NHL draft picks, over 60 Division I or Canadian University goaltenders, and more than 200 players drafted to Major Junior teams. That also includes players winning the Stanley Cup, Conn Smyth Trophy, Vezina Trophy, World Junior Gold, American Hockey League (AHL) Championships (the Calder Cup), AHL playoff MVPs, and Goaltender of the Year awards for the Western Hockey League (WHL), Ontario Hockey League (OHL), and Canadian Hockey League (CHL).

Where Binovi comes in

With the progress made in different aspects of fitness and performance in fields like nutrition, body mechanics, and sports psychology, it was clear that Eli and his team were already on the cutting edge of testing and training systems. With Binovi, they can now apply that same dedication, understanding, and work ethic into improving a number of key skills that build upon the already solid foundations that their players have.

With the help of Binovi, Eli and his team will be able to perform diagnostic benchmark testing as well as periodic check-in testing to assess a player’s abilities, and use Binovi Pro, Binovi Touch, and Binovi Coach (as well as the upcoming Binovi Balance) to create and assign customized training programs filled with exercises and activities to not only improve player vision performance, but that can also be used to train overall fitness and help plan a player’s time to include the rest of their training regimen.

“With Binovi, our goal is to offer sports vision testing and training to the goaltenders attending our camps, and to use the data collected during these sessions to help find, train, and improve the key vision skills that affect their game. With the help of vision training experts, we’re hoping to help our athletes see the game with fresh eyes.”

Eli Wilson


We’ve seen the increased use of analytics in sports, and hockey is definitely no exception. We see Binovi as a way to use analytics to find out how our goaltenders are seeing the game, and to help them stop more pucks. We’ve already partnered with a number of teams across all major sports —notably, in this case, the Dallas Stars— to bring vision training into the mix for all players alike.

The goal has always been to marry the Four Pillars of the Binovi Platform —software, hardware, expert knowledge, and data— together to bring out the best in human performance, be that for a child learning to read, an athlete seeking better on-ice results, or someone recovering from injury. With the team at Eli Wilson Goaltending, Binovi is poised to lead the charge in hockey, and we couldn’t be more excited.

To find out more about Eli Wilson and the team at Eli Wilson Goaltending, visit their site at

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