The Convenience of eLearning With Binovi Academy

March 26, 2020

Binovi lives on the technological edge, and one of our goals has been to help vision therapists and vision trainers provide the best quality vision therapy and vision training possible. To that end, we developed Binovi Academy and our library of premium education modules in the form of e-books, all built right into Binovi Pro. With our ever-growing collection of eLearning opportunities, you can expand your knowledge base and bring better, more up-to-date information to your clients.

In-Office or at Home

Take your Binovi Pro iPad with you and learn wherever you are!

At the office

Use Binovi Academy as a team-building experience by bringing your staff together to work collaboratively and learn as a group. Follow along with video or interactive content and make sure everyone’s on the same page. Start a weekly education session and cover one topic at a time, or bring the team together over lunch with a Lunch and Learn program.

At home

We understand it may not be possible to always get everyone on the same schedule – we’re all busy, after all! Take your Binovi Pro iPad home and catch up on content from the comfort of your couch, or just review concepts and techniques that may take a bit more time to master. Either way, Binovi Academy is available wherever you have internet, even on the bus or train!

What’s available for Binovi Academy

The Binovi Academy library contains some great content from industry leaders and optometric giants, and we’re continuing to work on new content from big players in behavioral optometry and sports vision training, and others!

The Sanet Vision Seminar Series

Dr. Robert Sanet and Dr. Leonard Press

The Sanet Vision Seminar Series encompasses over 100 hours of HD Video —recorded over 5 weekends of presentations by Dr. Robert Sanet— in an interactive eBook format alongside commentary and supplementary content from Eyecarrot’s Director of Global Education Dr. Leonard Press. Covered in this expansive repository of information are Dr. Sanet and Dr. Press’ take on Models of Vision and Foundational Concepts and Principles of Vision Therapy, Generalized Visual Skills and Approaches to Therapy, Visual Information Processing, Amblyopia and Strabismus, and treatment of Acquired Brain Injuries.

“Dr. Sanet and I have collaborated on a unique learning experience designed to broaden, expand, and elevate your understanding of vision, and the application of principles enabling you to enhance optometric vision evaluation and therapy. Consider this module as a master class that is an extension of the widely acclaimed PAVE-Sanet Seminar Series presented over the course of five weekends in San Diego, California.”

–Dr. Leonard Press, Eyecarrot Director of Global Education

Primitive Reflexes – Module 1

Patti Andrich MA, OTR/L, COVT, INPP

Reach a new level with Patti Andrich’s Primitive Reflexes Premium Education Module. The building blocks for developing oculomotor, visual perceptual, and visual-motor integration skills are established during the first year of life when our neural pathways are formed between our eyes, our brain, and our body – these are our primitive reflexes. The primitive reflex system is the basis for sensory, motor, and cognitive development. Skills such as sensing, perceiving, listening, talking, riding a bike, reading, writing, catching a ball and maintaining balance are all dependent on a well-integrated reflex system.

“Doctors and therapists are looking for methods that will help clients gain vision skills faster and build them, so they are resistant to decompensation from stress. The concepts discussed in this book are based on research, theories and successful outcomes of well-known doctors, therapists, psychologists and educators.”

–Patti Andrich MA, OTR/L, COVT, INPP

More on the way

As we work with our advisors and experts in the field, look forward to more content focused on specific aspects of vision therapy and vision training in the near future. We’re also working on ways to improve how you use Binovi in your practice.

Binovi Training

We’ve also included the Binovi Training collection for all users. These step-by-step interactive eBooks walk you through the ins and outs of using Binovi Pro, Binovi Coach, and the Binovi Touch app with feature explanations and interactive, instructional screens. Learn how to add or edit users, create custom activities, and assign activities to be done at home, then see what users see when they access their home activities and go through the steps to complete sessions. These resources are great as a refresher for seasoned users, but also work great to help new hires get on board with Binovi quickly.

Coming Soon

Live Demos

In the next little while we’ll be introducing live demos for new and existing users to show how the system works and demonstrate what options are available. Demos will be done using a live video chat with members of our customer success team and spaces are limited.

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